Fitness Boxing Nintendo Switch Game

4/5 $30 - $169

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Genre: Sports, Music, and Fitness

Release Date: January 03, 2019

Number of Players: Up to 2 Players

Game Size: 1.0 Gb

Publishers: Nintendo

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Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm Exercise - Nintendo Switch


Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm Exercise (Nintendo Switch)


Fitness Boxing 2 for Nintendo Switch


Fitness boxing is a new game that is specifically designed to do exercise in a modern way. Get off your bed and do the task on various song beats, which you can also customize according to your daily exercise set. Train yourself differently and can play it at home or even at your friend’s house. Fitness boxing Nintendo Switch in Australia was released on January 03, 2019, and is still available online.

Price and Availability

Fitness Boxing uses the Switch's two motion detection controllers (the famous Joy-Con) to transform you into boxers. Please don't consider it as a fighting game, however. Indeed, do not forget that in the title of the game, there is also the term "fitness" and it is far from trivial. Fitness Boxing Nintendo Switch price in Australia is almost $50 AUD. We have mentioned various stores where you can purchase this fantastic game.

Fitness Boxing is simply a copy of Wii-Fit; however, this game revolves around boxing and pours it into a sauce of a rhythm game. It offers you daily workouts that you can complete while boxing to the beat of the music. Boxing is simulated because you are in the position as a real boxer, while you push the joy-cons in your clenched fists towards the screen. On the screen is an instructor or instructor who motivates you nicely to hand out a punch, uppercut, or corner at the perfect moment.

In the background, the instrumental version of a famous pop song will be playing, and you have to match the beat, paired with two bars that should be representative of the hands. This yields points that are converted into a rating of a maximum of three stars at the end of the session. With these stars, you play free content in the form of new clothes for your instructors or new workouts and songs.

The game offers the possibility to monitor the progress and regularly provide you a workout of a few minutes a day or how often you want to schedule this yourself. In the single-player you have the options of Daily Workout, Free Training and Basic Training. Only the first two options are engaging in the single-player because they can play there. The Daily Workout lets you perform exercises based on your settings to achieve a defined goal. For example, you can indicate whether you would like to lose weight or burn several calories. Free Training lets you choose an amount and workout to execute it. Basic Training is only for practice, and you saw it pretty quickly. You can also choose your instructor, both male and female, to guide you during your sessions. The multiplayer is more of the same but with or against each other. This is nice, but it is not as fun as boxing at Wii Sports. And with these options, you have had it.