Are you tired of having to carry several different bags for your sports gear, food and snacks? FITMARK Bags Australia has the solution. Specialist in the insulated sports bag to take both your business and your meals or snacks, FITMARK Bags is the brand you need!

Fitmark is a company specialising in the creation of bags for bodybuilders, practitioners of strength sports and athletes of all kinds. Its mission is to fill the gap between athletes of all backgrounds and their bags. The brand's exclusive bags perfectly fill the void by providing quality and functionality under everyone's lifestyle, whether for use in sport, in the city or even for a mountain hike.

Brand overview

Fitmark is the leader in high-quality functional bags for fitness enthusiasts. Fitmark combines style, durability and functionality to provide high-performance athletes with high-performance bags for storing their meals, supplements and sports equipment.

We know that all athletes who leave in the morning and return in the evening need a bag with compartments to keep their diet precise throughout the day. Indeed, a good organisation will necessarily generate good results in training.

Fitmark bags keep all of your food fresh and tidy so you can follow it everywhere! These bags are the ideal solution to put your meals, sandwiches, snacks, condiments and sauces and even your food supplements such as your amino acids, vitamins, BCAA and whey protein! Gather all your food in a single cooler bag with a unique design!

Fitmark founded by Mark A. Samuel and started operations at the beginning of 2012. Since then, this brand has remained dedicated to producing innovative bags that will reflect your passion as well as your lifestyle. In short, Fitmark marks the end of dull and unpopular bags for going to work and the gym.

The Fitmark Box, in particular, is designed to store your meals, snacks, cutlery and drinks securely. The Fitmark Box has two ice cream pockets that will keep your meals, and drinks cool all day, perfect for those times when you go to the gym right after work.


The Core is an insulated lunch bag, with an excellent quality/price ratio. This bag allows you to keep your diet during your travels and trips to help you reach your goals. Take with you everywhere, your meals, dishes and food supplements so as not to crack on other foods that could be harmful to your physical and sporting goals!


Fitmark has designed this backpack to organise and keep your food, drinks and sports supplements fresh, resistant, compact, lightweight and high quality. The great brand Fitmark presents "The Box LG" the new thermal bag with which you can organise your food, drinks and supplements and keep them fresh to go to the gym, work, the beach, and mountains.

The Box LG of Fitmark is the ideal suitcase for any displacement as it is compartmentalised and designed to guarantee all available space compactly and safely.

The Box LG suitcase has two front pockets for objects, bars or fixtures that includes two lunch boxes to store the tightly closed food. Thus ensure its preservation and freshness; a shaker with compartments to store supplements in powder, protein, & glutamine.

Also, at the top, it has a rack pocket to store your utensils. And most importantly, the Fitmark LG Box or backpack contains two ice packs to keep all food fresh for nothing more and nothing less than 8 hours.

FitMark The Box Meal M / 2 Meals

Are you looking to have a healthy diet, but the rush of the day doesn't allow it? The Box comes to an end this. Created by Fitmark, The Small Box stores up to two Meals.

Developed for athletes and practitioners of physical activity, The Box is made with ballistic nylon, and the resistant handle is easy to transport.

In addition to the space to store the shaker, it has space for another bottle of water, fruit, or whatever you need to carry on the day. It has dividers to store cutlery or accessories and central dividers that practically organise meals.

Buy Fitmark Bags Products online

Fitmark is a known brand of excellent quality bags and backpacks dedicated to people leading an active lifestyle. The use of high-class materials and the implementation of functional solutions make Fitmark products stand out with their extraordinary practicality.

They are great for training in the gym or the fitness club. The original design will appeal to both women and men. Please take advantage of the best price comparison ratio on our site & buy Fitmark products online!