Are you looking for a vastly featured and sophisticated smartwatch? Look no further as Fitbit Smartwatches have got you covered. Here on this single page, we have listed plentiful Fitbit smartwatches that collect the attention of crowds. So many people have already been inspired in the world – thanks to its smart features and eye-catching design. These are more than traditional watches as their multiple features are making it more dazzling and it's advance tracker is one of the best features. Make sure you Compare Fitbit Smart Watches Prices in Australia before you get your hands on one. The best Fitbit smartwatches include:

1: Fitbit Charge 3:

The Fitbit Charge 3 is the best option for monitoring fitness, with a much bigger display than the previous releases of the Charge series. It's one of the finest fitness trackers for you to use right now and features a heart rate tracker, guided breathing, swimming monitoring, and enhanced reports. You will also have Fitbit Pay Compatibility if you choose Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition. It also connects to the GPS on your phone to track runs, but unfortunately, without your phone, you can't maintain tabs on your place. Be mindful that, it's not an excellent option for serious runners.

2: Fitbit Versa:

If you are scouting for a slimmer watch, then Fitbit Versa may be the better option for you as compared to the company’s first watch. It comes with a lot of features at the lower price tag. The price is even lower than the cheaper lonic. Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal for serious runners it lacks GPS feature. That obviously means you will have to take your smartphone along with you to track where you are jogging. But all in all, it’s a perfect smartwatch from the company.

3: Fitbit Inspire HR:

One of the latest Fitbits, Fitbit Inspire HR is a superior option to other basic trackers for the company. There are, of course, a number of impressive features, including heart rate tracking, and activity monitoring, sleep surveillance and guided breathing, which are still fairly inexpensive. GPS (no onboard GPS) is also available. The Fitbit Inspire HR also has excellent battery life that lasts almost 5 days. It has amazingly first-class design which makes it one of the best-looking Fitbits. It is also waterproof, although it has no true abilities in swimming tracking.

4: Fitbit Flex 2:

Would you like an easy to use and a straightforward fitness tracker? The best option for you could be the Fitbit Flex 2. You can use it while you're swimming because it is waterproof and it keeps an eye on how well your dips in the swimming pool are going. In addition, it includes all the other basic monitoring functions and slim lightweight design. It's also a less expensive touch than the Fitbit Charge 2, so it can be your best Fitbit tracker.

5: Fitbit Versa Lite:

Very much like the Fitbit Versa, but a few features have been removed so the company can sell it at the lowest rate. It isn't always that much cheaper, so before opting for Fitbit Versa Lite we suggest that you check deals on the initial Fitbit Versa.

The Fitbit Versa Lite provides you with linked GPS, a strong heart rate tracker and several smartwatch features. You must be aware that swimming is not possible with this watch and no music storage is available. The Fitbit Pay doesn't exist as well.

Smart Price Comparison:

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