Fitbit Ionic Smart Watches

4/5 $0 - $0

Screen Size: 1.42 inches

Touch Screen: Yes

GPS: Yes

Storage: Approx. 300 music files

Waterproof: Yes

Weight: 46 grams

Operating System: Fitbit OS

Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Heart Rate Sensor: Yes

Fitbit announces its new Fitbit ionic watch in Australia which is a 24-hour connected smartwatch. Whether you take a shower, whether you are at work or running, swimming or sleeping, the Fitbit ionic connected watch is with you everywhere. A watch that accompanies you throughout the day, in all your activities, but also at night to track your sleep. It has a battery life of 5 days, therefore, it allows you to wear your Fitbit Ionic almost all the time.

Price and Availability

Fitbit Ionic watch is available in three various colours the first one comes with the blue and grey having the silver-grey dial. The second one comes with the slate blue and Orange dial while the last one comes with the charcoal bracelet and black dial. In terms of sizes, you can find it only in two different sizes S and L. Fitbit Ionic price in Australia ranges from 400 to 500 AUD. We have enlisted in various stores from where you can purchase this superionic watch.

Description and Features

This watch will follow you everywhere even you are playing a game. It records your activities such as running, swimming, but also cycling.  Basic sports are covered and more will come with updates to the watch.  The watch also offers you to exercise with complete exercises of a few minutes that work the whole body or the abs or the cardio. Rather nice as a sports coach.

With your smartwatch, you will be able to follow your daily steps, the number of floors you have climbed, but also monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day. You can even choose to display your heart rate all the time on the screen of the connected watch. The watch is well designed to track activity and you will find your statistics either directly in the on the watch or in the FITBIT application.

Design and Display

The Fitbit Ionic remains very comfortable to wear, its lightweight making it very discreet. And once the screen is on, you realize the quality of the watch. The rectangular shape even takes on its full meaning. The light sensor located under the slab works wonderfully, allowing the watch to be used in all situations. The straps are very easy to change, as always.

The LCD panel used on the Fitbit Ionic is of good quality, although a tiny notch below the OLED panels. The colours remain vivid. The contrasts are correct. The whole benefits from good light. The smartwatch is therefore among the most effective at present.


Fitbit promises a 5-days backup of this watch on a normal which use which is why you can wear it anywhere anytime. Charging takes approximately 2 hours, which makes the Ionic easily active 24/7. If on the other hand, you embark on a great sporting outing, it will take less than 10 hours of battery, the GPS will drown the battery fast. But still, it will help you out in any way.