Fisher & Paykel WL8060P1 8kg Top Load Washing Machines

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Brand:                                                          Fisher & Paykel
Model:                                                          WL8060P1
Height:                                                         1075mm
Width:                                                          600mm
Depth:                                                          600mm
Weight (kg):                                                 54kg
Max spin speed:                                         1100RPM
Agitator:                                                       Flexible finned
Total capacity:                                             8kg
Type of connection:                                   10A plug & lead
Height With Lid Open (mm):                      1380 mm

Fisher and Paykel is an electronics company that delivers high quality and affordable home appliances that especially suites the Australian lifestyle. The Fisher & Paykel WL8060P1 Washing Machines in Australia provide exactly all of the functions you require from an appliance, without all the unnecessary ones, which is the best package for the people to use it.


  • Brand: Fisher and Paykel
  • Model Number: WL8060P1
  • Washing Capacity: 8 kg
  • Spin Speed: 1100 RPM
  • Auto Load Sensing: Yes
  • Lockable Door: Yes
  • Time Remaining Display: Yes
  • Numbers of Programs: 12
  • Water Inlets: Hot and Cold 


It has a Fisher & Paykel 's Smart Drive technology, which ensures that every wash is quiet enough not to wake the baby or annoy you while you are sleeping, you can save money on your energy bill by washing off-peak times. The Fisher and Paykel 8 kg Clean Smart top load washing machine comes with useful features. The independent feet facilitate the installation while minimizing balance and vibration problems. This machine includes a large dial and LED display panel for easier control and you can choose from 12 washing programs to find a cycle that is best suited for your laundry. With this tailor-made program, wash your delicate woolen safely to ensure the highest level of care for your clothes. This machine is water and energy efficient, creating a household that is more environmentally friendly and saves on electricity and water charges. With a wide range of programs to choose from, you can select a washing cycle for all types of laundry to meet a variety of requirements.


If you're tired of washing your clothes with your hands, buy this incredible washing machine to make your life easier. Fisher & Paykel WL8060P1 Washing Machines price in Australia ranges from $ 1016 to $ 1299 AUD. We've set up several stores from which you can easily buy this incredible washing machine.