Finis Australia will always strive to discover new technologies and develop innovative products for swimming, with which swimmers will be able to achieve new victories and great new level!

Finis is a US brand founded by the famous champion Pablo Morales. The company produces hats, glasses, and other accessories. Athletes from all over the world appreciate Finis Australia for an innovative approach to meeting the needs of swimmer, athletes, and trainers. Almost all Finis accessories created with the participation of coaches and famous athletes. This suggests that the manufacturer studies production in detail and tries to make its products as useful as possible for the consumer.

It is why many Finis products become legendary products. For example, Freestyler vanes, Swimmer's Snorkel pipe, etc. For Finis Australia, swimming is a direction in which you can develop and improve. And the company's magnificent products are a direct confirmation of this.

Brand History & Overview

Finis - from Latin translated as “end”, “firm completion” or “great ending”. It not only contains the word “fin” (the name of the first product of the company) but also, it very accurately describes what for which swimmers all over the world put themselves under such high stresses every day, for the sake of which they all do it - for the sake of being the first!

Finis founded in 1993 in Northern California by John Mix and Pablo Morales, a famous swimmer, winner of the 1984 and 1992 Olympics. Now the products of this company used by professionals in preparation for serious competitions with great success. Probably, it could not be otherwise - who, if not the swimmer, should know what difficulties “colleagues” faced with, what are the shortcomings of the most famous accessories, and which devices are not at all.

Also, Pablo Morales, completed his swimmer career and started his own business, defends his doctorate at Cornell in 1996 and returns to his beloved swimming - this time in the status of assistant swimming coach at Stanford University. Two years later, in 1998, Morales becomes the head coach of the San Jose Women's Swimming Team.

We must say that constant cooperation with athletes and coaches is, in principle, one of the features of Finis Australia. Thanks to this, the company has the opportunity to create products that optimize the training process and allow athletes to achieve better results.

This is largely why today, Finis Australia is rightfully considered the world leader in the production and development of high-tech products for swimming. The company’s distribution centres are located in 37 countries, including Australia, Africa, Japan, China, USA and Europe. The goal of Finis Australia formulated as follows: “Motivate everyone on the planet to swim better and more often, and train more successfully!”

Many Finis products are legendary. For example, a monofin, in the creation of which the fact that Pablo Morales was one of the most prominent butterfly players of his time, played a huge role. In 1995, the Swimmer's Snorkel introduced to the general public, a simple and at the same time very effective training accessory.

It is primarily intended for those who work on the technique of freestyle. The handset allows you to focus on honing movements, without being distracted by head turns to take a breath and exhale. Now it is used in training almost all swimming teams of large American colleges.

Through collaboration with UC Berkeley trainer North Thornton, Finis developed the Hydro Hip and Tech Toc, training equipment that helps you work on proper body movements. Both devices again distinguished by their simplicity, but at the same time, more than one generation of swimmers managed to evaluate them.

The appearance of another well-known model, the Freestyler Hand Paddle, we owe a lot to another coach, Tim Alison. These blades not only serve to improve the stroke technique, but also reduce the risk of a shoulder injury. We must say that the Freestyler Hand Paddle turned out to be so good and so popular that in 2012 they won the “About” Reader's Choice Awards.

And it is not an isolated case. Finis products regularly become the winner in various categories of various awards. Design prizes and awards celebrating the latest developments. Nominations where the winners determined by specialists, and competitions where the best products are determined by the voting of ordinary people. Among them are such as the Red Dot Design Award, H2 Open Awards, “About” Reader's Choice Awards.

Of course, is no coincidence - after all, some Finis products can be used and are used not only by swimmers but also by other athletes. Like the Tempo Trainer metronome, Stopwatch, or Aqua Pulse Heart Rate Monitor.

AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor is a unique device that helps you monitor your heart rate. The device consists of two parts, one mounted on a swimming cap or gum goggles, the other on the earlobe. An infrared sensor detects the movement of blood through the capillaries, and it determines the pulse. The heart rate monitor does not have any extra elements, there are no headphones - the sound signal arrives immediately in the inner ear, thanks to the use of bone sound transmission.

Or the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro metronome is appreciated by many athletes who need to learn how to rationally distribute their forces over distances. This accessory is sometimes called a little trainer - regular sound signals help to understand what pace and speed are ideal for him.

All Finis products summarize the latest developments in the field of high technology, stylish and concise design and the experience of many trainers and athletes. Thanks to these components, Finis products are created not only to train but to win. This is evidenced by the name of the company.

Finis Top Rated and Popular Products

Over the entire period of existence, the company released a large number of legendary products. The first product to gain fame was the Swimmers Snorkel Swim Tube. It has been used for training from 1995 to the present. Finis equipment repeatedly awarded for its latest innovations.

In the manufacture of goods for swimming, all advanced technologies are taken into account. The team also pays attention to the development of equipment design. It was confirmed by a centrally located breathing tube and underwater monitors.

The company's products aimed at novice swimmers and professional athletes. Finis equipment and accessories used for swimming training, competitions.

The following models are most popular among Finis products:

Training Tube Swimmers Snorkel used when you desire to do swimming in freestyle.

These training flippers Zoomers Z2 are best for increasing swimmer's push force

Hand Blades used to teach freestyle swimming. Devices lengthen the stroke due to improved entry of the hand into the water;

Choose for training in swimming children under 3 years old (Baby). Children over 3 and up to 7 years old use the junior model with adjustable clasps;

Swimsense Performance Waterproof Swimming Monitor displays your swimming results. 

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