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A feminine nutrition brand that states when life goes crazy always do something easy. That is only done with FEMME FIT. Maybe you are not a professional player or any athletic personality, or maybe you never run a marathon, it does not bother at all. These nutrition products can be used by any women of any age because these nutrition products help you to get better live performance. The company emphasizes on the fact that your journey is yours and it’s all about how you feel from inside. Feeling amazing about who you are and making positive, healthy choices just make sense!

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FEMME FIT offers a delicious, tasty, convenient and the most important healthy selection of products to feed your body and mind so you can take advantage of every single day.

Quality Ingredients

The FEMME FIT protein uses natural ingredients which are selected after numerous testing phases to ensure that the ingredient used in manufacturing the product is of the finest quality and with a natural flavor. Let take an example how much pure the products are, only 20gram of protein is extracted from milk and only 1 gram of natural sugar is added that gives zero fat while it gives 130 calories which makes a great healthy choice to use.


For sure to keep the environment safe, the brand also emphasizes to make sure that the packaging is eco-friendly. The packaging sets a new standard in the industry which is why the brand is so famous worldwide and people tends to use its products.

100% recovered post-consumer plastic material is used so that it doesn’t affect the environment. Each label is printed on FSC-certified paper which is 100 percent recyclable. FSC is only for those who select suppliers to prove the commitment to sustainable and renewable resources because every little effort for the earth important and is better for everyone.


Fruit and vegetables are the main sources of having a great healthy life, but due to busy routine and hectic life, it is not possible to focus on such things. This is why the brand introduced the Goddess Greens product that has a healthy health punch, which will never make you worry if you've had enough fruits and vegetables. Ingredients like Kale, Pomegranate, Goji, berries and other natural mixture of fruits and vegetable, the Goddess green is a perfect source to keep the body healthy.

Lean Amino, a product that gives the energy to your body so that you can stay active whole day is one of the major products used worldwide. Another reason is that it is delicious and tasty.

Iron is essential for women body but unfortunately, they are not properly getting much iron as their body demands. For this, Femme Nutrition brings a great solution in terms of Bio Ferrin.

Bio Ferrin is a product that is derived from milk that helps to generate iron in the body while it keeps your bones strong and keeps you healthy. Amino Lean provides 44% of its daily iron along with Bio Ferrin to help you make the most of your daily energy. Natural caffeine, amino acids, CLA (conjugated Linoleic acid), green coffee, vitamin B12 and the true power of iron! Lean Amino gives you real energy.

CLA (conjugated Linoleic acid) is one of the best products by Femme as it helps to reduce body fat by preventing fat buildup in fat cells so that you can burn your fats quite easily.

Where to Buy

Although products are available at official websites as well as at their international retailer brands that offer consumers a vast range of products to purchase online. But it is not quite an easy task to place orders from a different country and then wait for the shipping of the product. Paylessdeal is a solid platform for Aussies trainers and for those women who want to purchase the products to keep themselves smart and fit. There are numerous products available on Paylessdeal at discount offers.