What is Paylessdeal?
Paylessdeal is a price comparison and online shopping website, which provides hassle-free shopping environment to the online customers. If you are thinking that we are just like other eCommerce shops or online retailers, which display only limited number of stocks and brands, then you are wrong. Instead, we assist you to grab the best deals by letting you compare prices from hundreds of reputed retailers and thousands of brand all over Australia.
After deciding the most appropriate product from the list, you click and we bring you directly to the merchant’s website. So if you found any issue regarding product availability or order, you will contact the particular merchant directly.
We act like a bridge between merchants and shoppers. And due to our site, both parties get their desired results efficiently and feel themselves lucky that they land to the right place.

How do I get my products displayed on paylessdeal?
Your products will be displayed after the successful completion of registration process under Merchant’s area. Here, you will need to enter some basic information about you and your company including state, company logo, and website address.

What is data feed?
A data feed is a not more than a document that gives us the information required to merge your products on our site. Usually, you will be needed to send us a products list along with their descriptions, part or model numbers, categories, and image URLs. 

Which feed formats are supported?
We prefer to use CSV or XML file format; however, any data format that can be readable is acceptable.  Similarly, if you are already giving a data feed to another source, we will feel no problem integrating it here at Paylessdeal.

Why should my online store join Paylessdeal?
Using our web portal, online retailers can increase the traffic towards their sites. Because we are a shopping search engine, so probably many leads come from ready-to-go online shoppers. Paylessdeal also provides inbound links which can boost your SERP’s. 

Should I use an affiliate program?
Yes! Why not. We highly recommend engaging in affiliate programs to access the extensive community of online marketers who work on a commission only basis to increase sales and traffic for your online web store.



Does Paylessdeal search all retailers on the web? 
Absolutely Not. Although we are one of the biggest shopping engines on the internet, still to control all the retailers or manufacturers of the whole globe is almost impossible task in price comparison shopping. However, we deal with a wide range of merchants in Australia.  
Unlike others, we are not a biased. If you can find a better price elsewhere then tell us immediately. We would love to see them as we are continuously eying for the new merchants and manufacturers to join Paylessdeal. If we find a dealer that has better deals than our listings, we contact them and try to add them on our site as soon as possible.

What does Paylessdeal do if I face a problem with a merchant listed on the site?
Customer’s feedback is most important for us. If we get complaints about a particular merchant, we will investigate and decide whether we should further continue to list its feeds or not.

How frequently are the prices updated?
The prices on our website are updated on daily basis. In addition, our merchants and manufacturers promise us that they will provide 100% accurate and up-to-date information about the product including price, sales, and deals.


What is included in the price displayed?
Merchants are only required to display the product image and cost including any additional taxes or packaging.

How Paylessdeal make money?
Paylessdeal only make money if you have an affiliate program and when you get verified sales from us.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept several payment methods including wire transfer, credit card, visa card, master card, and PayPal.