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Falke Airport Wool Cotton Sock...

$ 27.00

Falke Step Cotton Invisible So...

$ 16.00

Falke Cool Kick Cotton Blend I...

$ 18.00

FALKE Hair accessories Item 46...

$ 50.62

FALKE Socks Hosiery Item 48202...

$ 27.26

FALKE Socks Hosiery Item 48202...

$ 20.77

FALKE Jackets Item 16016000

$ 307.63

Falke Hidden Ultra Light Runni...

$ 25.15

Falke All Terrain Quarter Crew...

$ 35.99

Falke Run Cotton Blend Socks

$ 23.00

Falke Cool Kick Short Quarter...

$ 21.00

FALKE Turtlenecks Item 1417069...

$ 190.81

FALKE Sweaters Item 14170711

$ 137.59

FALKE Socks Hosiery Item 48245...

$ 36.34

Falke Hidden Stride Running So...

$ 26.99

Falke Hidden Cool Running Sock...

$ 16.95

Falke Hidden Cool Running Sock...

$ 16.95

Falke Hidden Cool Running Sock...

$ 16.95

Falke Relax Pads Sneaker Socks...

$ 22.10

FALKE Turtlenecks Item 1410931...

$ 107.73

FALKE Leggings Item 13355787

$ 38.94

Falke Hidden Dry Running Socks...

$ 20.65

Falke Light Cuddle Pads Short...

$ 19.90

FALKE Socks Hosiery Item 48244...

$ 110.33

Falke Shiny Rib Socks Silver 1

$ 15.78

FALKE Tshirts Item 12630106

$ 120.71

FALKE Sweaters Item 14170673

$ 186.91

FALKE Socks Hosiery Item 48241...

$ 54.52

FALKE Socks Hosiery Item 48241...

$ 38.94

Falke Hidden Dry Running Socks...

$ 20.65

Falke Tiago Cotton Socks

$ 27.00

Falke Cool Kick Cotton Blend S...

$ 18.00

Perhaps you’re familiar with a handsome range of fashionable and trendiest brands – but things become entirely different when it comes to FALKE in Australia. They feel proud of being a daydreamer company and also believes in their vision of modern living. The company came into existence for whom luxury and fashion don’t represent excess but something that reward them with the very best.

For all their 120-years of company’s existence, FALKE has had the dream to pool their knowledge of legwear to create a brand-new product line. To this end, FALKE has brought all their craftsmen together, who not only do their best but also live it. They approached experts for their company who could master complex knitting machines as if they were typical hand-crafted instruments. They brought results to life and evoke admiration and astonishment. They work with real artisans who are now a special breed.

Besides, with their online FALKE Store online, they’re striving hard to provide you with the best online shopping experience alongside 24-hour customer services and a hassle-free online environment.

They, too, provide flexible shipping options for the ease of their customers. Moreover, their return and exchange policies are very hand, enabling customers to enjoy online shopping like never before.

Product Categories


The year-round availability of FALKE Sale allows Aussies to grab their desired products or accessories at unparalleled rates without any hassle. FALKE has maintained the highest quality standards in every single product and there are many products under different categories. Some of the best products are as follow:

Fine knit jumper made with extra-fine Merino wool, ribbed sleeves & waistband with a round neckline. A beautiful detail is the French shoulder straps to the back and a second seam to the forward. A high-quality knit jumper knitting on the neckline and seams on the arm.

A highlight in a typical retro style: Soft cotton soft on the skin makes this trendy leisure sock perfect for daily wear. Sporty ribbons and two shaft rings are ideal for fashionable sneakers and athletic equipment. The perfect FALKE suits the comfort of the post.

Easy, but the slogan behind this bomber jacket may be particularly unique. This piece has a sleek design in a traditional retro waffle structure and has a casual fit with a slightly overcut shoulder and a small banana neck. A rare eye-catcher is a white zipper. The consistency of the slight crepe cotton is very smooth and easy to wear.

You can use the 'Shadow' appearance if you want stylishly dressed from head to toe. As a sports cardigan with a zipper and tiny banana collar now also available the renownful twin-tone ribbed structure from this supply chain. The frame with broader ribs on the sleeves and torso recalled the performance field practical jackets.

The advanced, 3D beaded wave structure calls for special skill and decades of experience in knitting. Thanks to its strength and the sturdy structure, the jacket is suitable for outdoor use both during the spring and during cooler summer days. The handy double-way shipping machine together with the shipper on the knitted pockets have been sewn in the seam. Striking sleeve and rib torso cuffs complete the look in Milano.

Mashy, bulky parka with a high-quality, matt-looking nylon flexible hood. This lightweight outside jacket is fitted with a closed zip that avoids the wind and the cold. The stunning pockets of buckets are distinctive with a magnetic clasp and opening of the turnup pocket. Slit pockets have magnetic fasteners at shoulder height as well.

The new aspect of athletics! This cut-and-knit zip jacket from the finest cotton uses cleverly well-known design features. The tail fits on the side of the torso with ribbed insert and the sleeves show traditional, ergonomic lines in contrasting colours.

Sporty yarn mix of new wool and polyamide with a lightweight, lined sweater. The polyamide's high shape retention and care make the wool extraordinarily comfortable. This hoodie has dropped on its shoulders and is slightly longer on its back. The wombat interlaced pockets are useful. As the hood opening, the jumper has a long, covered zip. The body and sleeves are broadly ribbed, and the front has a straight edge.

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