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You've probably heard the word facial serum, but do you know its functions and benefits? What is that? When should it be applied? Today, we are going to reveal everything related to Facial Serum Australia.  Serums seem to have become the new big bet for cosmetic companies, but why? We invite you to discover in detail what this cosmetic, intended for daily care, can do for your skin.

What is Facial Serum?

The serum is a facial treatment highly concentrated inactive ingredients. It can have different functions: brightening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-stain, and anti-redness. It depends on its formula. It often combines several benefits. It is, therefore, up to you to choose according to the needs of your skin.

Benefits of Facial Serums

The facial serums are usually used for treating skin-specific needs such as rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, etc. They generally have a light texture, ideal for all skin types.

They can be used at any age, depending on aesthetic concerns or specific skin needs. The following advantages should be emphasized:

- Better penetration than a cream. Serums have a fundamental added value: their active ingredients are highly concentrated, and they contain an aqueous texture, which allows them to penetrate more deeply, acting on the deepest layers of the skin.

- Instant improvement in the appearance of the skin. As they are designed to be applied before the usual cream, formulated with fluid and silky textures, they leave a velvety effect on the face, they are quickly absorbed, and they instantly improve the appearance of the skin.

- They reinforce the benefits of the treatments that are applied afterwards. Their formula which penetrates deeply on the face enhances the results of the cream applied subsequently, which allows personalizing the procedure by using a facial serum which meets specific skin needs, with a moisturizing or nutritive cream which covers another.

So you can combine a serum to treat wrinkles and a moisturizer for facial sagging, for example, according to the needs and concerns of each skin type.

How to Apply Serum

The serum is placed on clean skin before the day or night cream. It easily penetrates the epidermis because its formula is very light, so you can apply makeup after putting on a serum. Be aware, however, that the skin is no longer available at night to receive active ingredients because it is in the regeneration phase.

Do not use cotton to apply it; the product will be immediately absorbed. Apply it with your fingertips by tapping, without rubbing. Avoid the eye area, prefer an eye area treatment that will be more suitable.

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