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All-day long, your face is exposed to pollution, dust, perspiration and other impurities of all kinds. You probably know it: cleaning your skin is essential, especially in the evening. But very often, we tend to confuse makeup removal and cleansing of the skin.

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Cleansing your face: the secret to beautiful skin

Makeup Remover or facial cleanser?

It's little known, and yet if you wear makeup, removing it with a suitable makeup remover is not enough. It is necessary, in addition to this, to carry out a thorough cleaning of the pores of your skin to rid it of the residues of the makeup remover and of the dirt which would have passed between the cracks.

In short, makeup or not, the use of a facial cleansers Australia is recommended in any self-respecting beauty routine.

Makeup Remover: the first step in your face routine

If you wear makeup (whether daily or occasional), you should remove it in the evening with a suitable product. Always remove your skin to keep it clean and beautiful! Too irregular or incomplete makeup removal can be a real disaster for the health and beauty of your face, so do not take this step lightly.

To effectively remove makeup, there are many products available today in different textures: milk, gels, lotions and many others.

The Cleansing Milk

Particularly suitable for dry skin, this type of product has a rich texture, often composed of fatty assets such as glycerine or shea butter. It can be applied with a cotton pad or with your finger (apply it while massaging for better effectiveness) and is removed with a cotton pad or a tonic lotion, which has the advantage of erasing the oily film left by milk on the skin.

The Cleansing Oil

Gentle and effective, cleansing oil is gaining popularity. It adapts particularly well to the most sensitive skin, and, contrary to popular belief, applies to both dry and oily skin. Oil is a particularly useful makeup remover: if you wear waterproof makeup, this is probably the product for you! Using light massages, it removes the stubbornest impurities and makeup that mix with its creamy texture.

The oil also has a moisturizing and nourishing action, ideal for the health of your skin! If you fear the greasy film, rest assured: it will disappear with a good facial cleanser. Emulsify your cleansing oil with a little warm water for best results and rinse off the excess product with clean water.

The Micellar Water

it owes its cleansing action to the micelles, small particles which have the property of trapping the impurities in the aqueous solution. To be applied with a cotton pad, micellar water does not require rinsing and therefore acts as a make -up remover AND facial cleanser.

Rather practical if you are in a hurry! It is suitable for all skin types and particularly for blemished skin. Micellar water can, however, weaken the hydrolipidic film of dry skin: always complete its application with a moisturizing cream rich and adapted to your skin type!

The Cleansing Gel

it emulsifies on the palm before applying to a wet face. The makeup removing gel deeply cleanses the skin, which is why it is particularly suitable for removing makeup from combination to oily skin. If your skin is sensitive or dry, go your way: a cleansing gel could strip your epidermis.

The Cleansing Foam

Sweeter the gel, its pleasant texture suits all skin types: choose the formula that suits you best! Smooth, it is preferably applied on a wet face and rinses off after a few circular massages. Very comfortable, it leaves the complexion fresh and the skin soft.

The Cleansing Wipes

very simple and practical, these wipes are ready to use to apply directly to the face. Ideal for travelling, their daily use should be limited, especially for dry skin, because, applied repeatedly, they dry the skin.

Removing makeup from the eyes requires a gentle product adapted to their sensitivity. Before any application, make sure that your makeup remover is suitable for this particularly fragile area. If your eyes are compassionate, then opt for a suitable eye makeup remover and tested under ophthalmological control.

The facial cleanser: for clear skin

Cleansers are an integral part of a successful face routine. They complement the action of makeup removers by removing product residues and purifying the skin. If you don't wear makeup, then only use a facial cleanser to cleanse and refresh your skin daily. The formats are similar to those of makeup removers. As for the latter, it is advisable to choose them according to your skin type:

If You have Oily Skin

The cleansing gel is the ideal solution to get rid of impurities and purify your epidermis! Some gels contain a light scrub to activate blood circulation. If you have sensitive skin, be careful not to strip your skin, in which case you will get the opposite effect: the production of sebum will intensify in reaction to the aggression. The micellar water and cleansing foams, milder, are also suitable for oily skin.

If You have Sensitive Skin

choose a mild, high-tolerance cleanser, such as a cleansing oil or cleansing milk. Smooth, they guarantee softness and hydration for your skin. You can apply them without cotton to avoid rubbing. Our tip for sensitive skin: for a gentle rinse, avoid tap water, filled with lime! The solution? Rinse off your treatment with a naturally purifying thermal water that will leave your skin soft and clean!

If You have Dry to Dehydrated Skin

The ideal is to combine the use of cleansing milk with a cleansing lotion which will cleanse your skin without drying it out. Then proceed to hydration to finish nourishing your epidermis.

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