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It is difficult today to find a person who didn’t hear about Faberge Australia. First of all, the French name instantly evokes associations with unique Easter eggs known to everyone, which have become one of the most recognisable jewellery house products.

However, the assortment of the company has many accessories and jewellery, which can also attribute with full responsibility to works of jewellery.

Faberge Brand History and Overview

The story begins in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Russia, where Gustav Faberge, a German Baltic jeweller, opened the jewellery firm House of Faberge, which was inherited by his son Peter Karl. The firm was known for developing carefully crafted Faberge eggs with gemstones for Russian tsars and several other high-quality works and intricate details.

Faberge's first egg designed for King Alexander III, who decided to give his wife Empress Maria Fedorovna an Easter egg in 1885, perhaps to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his engagement. Faberge's first egg, known as a chicken egg, is made of gold.

His opaque white enamelled "shell" opens, revealing his first surprise, yellow-yellow matte gold that, in turn, opens a multicoloured golden chicken, which also opens. The chicken contained a tiny replica of the diamonds from the imperial crown, on which a small ruby pendant hung.

Faberge and Cie

Back in 1924, Peter Karl's sons, Alexander and Eugene Faberge, opened Faberge and Cie in Paris, France, which produces similar jewellery and adds the city's name to the trademark of their rival firm, stylising it under the name Faberge. The brand’s rights sold to Samuel Rubin of their fragrance in 1937.

Milestones in History

The history of Faberge jewellery house has its roots one and a half centuries ago, in the past of the Russian Empire. Gustav Faberge received his high title of the master after training with the famous St. Petersburg jeweller Andreas Spiegel.

The store opened by Gustav was popular. However, the real fame came to Faberge when Gustav’s son, Karl, stood at the helm. Thanks to him, in 1885, the company became an official manufacturer of jewellery for the imperial family.

In the famous series of Faberge eggs, from the late 80s of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, five dozen products of the original design were created. The collection has become synonymous with luxury and wealth, the grandeur of the imperial house.

The fall and rebirth of Faberge

Since the 20s of the last century, Faberge has gone through a difficult period of reformation. At one time, under the brand, which was associated only with court luxury, consumer goods were produced, up to household chemicals. It was due to the repeated transfer of rights to use the name of the famous Faberge family.

Since 2007, a period of the revival of the former jewellery grandeur of the brand began. The family name returns to the rightful owners, and under the old brand, the production of premium-level jewellery and accessories started again. This time Faberge was even stronger than before and opened numerous branches and online stores worldwide that boosts the brand to retain its position in the market. Faberge Sales Australia also increased, and people tend to use Faberge products because of their uniqueness and masterpiece designs.

House Collection by Faberge Australia

Today, the assortment of Jewellery Company presents several accessible collections in Australia. Each of which is distinguished by its subtleties and mood, but all of them, without any doubt, convey the true nature and spirit of the brand.

Emotion Collection by Faberge Australia

Emotionally and vividly - with just these two words, you can fully characterise the style of the collection. Elegant in their unusualness, colourful rings, open bracelets, beautiful earrings and colourful pendants are arrays of matching gems of various colours.

Some of the decorations made in the form of a typical Easter egg brand, which is a real identification mark and symbol of the Faberge house.

Imperial Collection by Faberge Australia

The name of the collection speaks for itself. When it was created, master jewellers inspired by jewellery from the Romanov era. Luxurious pendants and earrings, gemstones, bracelets and rings are made of different types of gold.

Most pendants and models of earrings are made in the form of an Easter egg decorated with gems (iridescent opals, natural diamonds, bloody shades of rubies, bright sapphires),and elegant engraving.

Each element of the "imperial" collection has its name, has a unique design and character.

Faberge Rococo Collection Australia

The collection traces recognisable features of the famous Rococo style - curls, curved lines, soft curves. An elegant range of jewellery - beautiful earrings, openwork bracelets, the unusual design of rings and pendants - combines the daring of design ideas and the luxury of execution.

Thin and wide rings, pink gold bracelets with fancy lace, decorated with multi-coloured enamel and precious stones, chic diamonds, instantly catch their attention.

Openwork pendants with snow curls not only decorate the delicate female neck but also give a feeling of one's uniqueness and originality.

Faberge Heritage Collection Australia

The collection successfully combines modern trends with classic motifs and performance techniques. Jewellers found inspiration in the first products of the Faberge house.

Hot enamel technique, hand engraving, skillfully selected gems, guilloche - all this creates an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. Openwork patterns, in combination with the classic Easter egg shape, are embodied in pendants, bracelets, earrings, and cufflinks.

Faberge Rings Collection (Three colours of love)

In a concise, but full of love, collections of Faberge jewellery Australia house rings (including engagement ones) and earrings are presented. When creating jewellery, jewellers used the famous trio as sapphires, rubies and emeralds as gems.

Different styles of cut and design of the frame for stones make each decoration unique. The minimalist but elegant design will appeal to both fans of the traditional Faberge style and supporters of the present.

Faberge Treillage Ring Collection Australia

The collection inspired by the famous Easter egg “Diamond Mesh”. The design immediately reminds of the luxury of the decoration of the imperial chambers, luxurious interiors and delightful dresses of court ladies.

Stylish rings, egg-shaped pendants, necklaces, unusual earrings, narrow and wide bracelets are made in the same style. The pink and white gold look perfect in combination with diamonds and multi-coloured gemstones.

Unusual world of Faberge products Australia

The essential elements of the jewellery house heritage are Easter eggs. Their collection is not too large - less than a hundred products (54 belong to the imperial collection, and about 20 were made to order). But each of them is unique in its way.

One of the newest positions is the Pearl Egg, which the Faberge House released almost a century after the imperial collection. It is a real piece of jewellery, worthy of adorning the best museums in the world.

To create a masterpiece, in which two dozen craftsmen invested their talent, it took almost 140 perfect pearls, more than 3 thousand diamonds, white and yellow gold, mother of pearl and rhinestone. As a surprise, which hides inside the egg, a unique pearl of an unusual grey shade weighing 12.17 carats was taken.

Secret Garden Collection Australia

Secret Garden is a short line of jewellery that embodies the very essence of nature, grandeur, and beauty. Continuing the symbolism of Easter eggs, which declare the rebirth and renewal of life, colourful spring bouquets of rare gems, gold and enamel have incorporated a variety of natural shades.

The hands of master jewellers meticulously verify each tiniest element of earrings and necklaces.

Faberge Australia Jewellery Collection (summer in Provence)

The collection includes impressive necklaces, original rings and tastefully decorated earrings, whose intricate texture resembles the light and flowing fabric of summer dresses, recalls the airiness and carelessness characteristic of youth.

Diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones are expertly woven into the canvas of the products in combination with colourful enamel, pearls, and turquoise beads. In each element of the collection, it was possible to convey that lightness and extraordinary play of the light of Provence, which has become a source of inspiration for many artists.

Each piece of a famous jewellery house is equivalent to a work of art. They can be admired endlessly, considering the many smallest details to which the company's masters pay maximum attention.

Faberge Perfumes Collection Australia for women and Faberge colonies for men

The company nationalised in 1918, and it was not until 1924 that Peter Karl's sons re-emerged in Paris and opened Faberge et Cie to sell the exquisite jewellery that his father made famous. It remained in place until 2001. Faberge et Cie sold the rights to the name Faberge in 1937, and thanks to the succession of sales the name were eventually used to sell fragrances. In early 2007, the brand sold to Faberge Limited, which immediately announced its intention to restore Faberge as an exclusive luxury brand.

One of the most popular fragrances ever released by Faberge is Brut. This male colony was first launched in 1964 and is a mixture of spices, lavender and amber with citrus and wood. Another popular fragrance is Babe, a perfume for women that released in 1977. Composed of 118 essences, Babe is a sophisticated but lively fragrance that is charming and energetic. Other popular Faberge fragrances include Brut Revolution and Mcgregor, both male colonies.

Designer Faberge has six fragrances in our perfume base. The first edition created in 1968, and the newest - since 1996. Faberge fragrances created in collaboration with perfumers Karl Mann and Maurice Roucel.

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