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Ezydog Australia is a brand that makes different products for owners and dogs who are adventurous and love the outdoors. At least 80% of the products are made with neoprene. All products are made in such a way that they are elegant and comfortable for both the owner and the dog.

Ezydog Australia has an extensive collection of nylon items for dogs. You will find the best leashes for jogging with the dog, but also a very durable collar, a harness or a reward bag for training sweets at our online store.

Famous brand, robust products

Ezydog products are all handmade and are known to last a very long time, unlike many average nylon leashes and collars. The Ezydog brand originally came from the water sports industry, more specifically from surfing. From there, the company wants to help owners who lead an active, especially outdoor life with their dog. The products are of the highest quality and made from the finest raw materials.

Award-winning harnesses and more

As the name suggests, Ezydog is a modern product for man's best friends. Passionate about everything related to dogs, the company is relatively new but renowned for its well-cut accessories, its award-winning harnesses, its leashes and collars that you and your furry friend will love.

Designed for the energetic hunting dog who likes to train with you and enjoy the great outdoors, the Ezydog product line is one of the best. Customers love their active equipment for its durability, design and style. Discover the top-rated products known for its durability and comfort which are Ezydog Quick-Fit dog harness or the Ezydog Element jacket.

Active Accessories & Products for all weather conditions

The elegant Ezydog Element jacket is available in 12 well-cut sizes. So even if you have a little Chihuahua or a Labrador, they can go out in style and stay warm and dry. Made of polar fabric with a waterproof outer covering, it comes in two colours. This is the perfect gift for your four-legged friend. For every sporting hunting dogs who like to swim and sail with their owners, buy the life jacket for dogs. Advanced fabrics and cuts make it a light, comfortable product and a great way to protect your dog.

Backpacks and training Products & Accessories

For larger and more powerful breeds like the German Shepherd or the Husky, which make such good sports companions, try the Ezydog Saddle Bag. Made from lightweight, durable fabric, it's the perfect way to get your loyal companion to carry their treats and water.

If you prefer a simple dog treat bag, there are several to choose from, each designed for a specific need. For coaches and owners, there is the Ezydog SnakPak Pro Treat Bag. It is a compact belt-shaped bag to be worn at the waist, with pockets for carrying treats and poop bags. These bags make training days easier, so you can enjoy the countryside without stress.

Tough leashes and collars

Ezydog excels in making accessories for your dog. Solidly designed necklaces for all breeds and sizes are made from modern fabrics to last a long time. Try the EzyDog Neo Wide collar if you have a dog with a longer and wider neck than average Greyhound type for example. If you want to opt for a classic dog leash, Ezydog offers several styles, all specially designed for different sizes and breeds. For runners and joggers, there is the Ezydog Handy leash, which is fitted with a bracelet. This gives freedom and flexibility to each walk or jog.

Smart accessories and aids

You will also find a range of car seat belts or backpacks all designed by experts and made with the best and latest materials. Finally, Ezydog offers a range of small lamps to attach to your dog's collar or neck. A wonderful way to enjoy a safe evening stroll.

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Ezydog Australia develops dog leashes, collars, harnesses and handy accessories of premium quality for sporty owners who are particularly active with their dogs for outdoors, jogging, exercising or just walking along with the pets. Discover and Buy Ezydog Products Online in Australia at best and affordable price only at our online store.