Eye Of Horus Australia

Another cosmetic brand Eye Of Horus in Australia produces its products from natural and organic ingredients with high performance. Their first and foremost priority is to produce a product without having to compromise on quality and performance as well as safety and interestingly, Eye Of Horus can’t provide unparalleled performance and Payoff with 100% natural ingredients.

The brand, however, has worked hard and ensured all ingredients are non-sensitising and safe. Besides, Eye Of Horus since its inception, worked very hard to establish a strong relationship with manufacturers throughout the world and produced smudge-proof, long-wearing, low-sensitising paraben-free formulas that everyone demands.

The key ingredients Eye Of Horus is using in its products include Egyptian Organic Moringa Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Star Anise Extract, Lavender Flower, Organic Castor Oil, Candellila and Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Rice Bran and more.

Although Eye Of Horus struggled a lot in its initial days but now, they have generations of cinematographic acclaim and awards to match, with a devoted production and fan base of experts, celebrities and bloggers of beauty. It is no wonder that they are regarded as the rite of the beauty of modern deity in the world. Their iconic logo is inspired by the Eye Of Horus sign of the kollo-rimmed Egyptians who wear eye make-up because they felt it provided mystical powers and protection and beautification.

Product Categories


You can get an advantage of the Eye Of Horus Store online when it comes to shopping. Hence, you can shop smartly for your favourite product having to spend a fortune. They give you a range of products under different categories such as Mascara, Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Lip Liner and more. Let’s see some of the best products from Eye Of Horus below:

Wax-based award-winning Mascara with strength, length, and separation for the ultimate goddess cleaves. Good for delicate skin. Smudge-proof, waterproof formula lash structure and supports lah safety conditions. Organic Moringa Oil enriched.

Biological Lash Lifting Mascara has a 100% vegan basis of 98% natural. Creamy formula designed to add ultra-length, raise, volume and food to the pinches, natural growth promotion, with essential botanicals and ocean extracts.

Matte's darkest velvet brown pigments are turning the Goddess regular into a fascinating Nubian temptress of wild elegance. It's quick to add creamy rich matte formula. Heat resistant, resistant to smudge and long wear.

A mix of dark olive pigments with old microwave, gold and green with a satin finish. The incandescent formula of Serpentine magically enhances your eyes to offer a soft sultry and fascinating look. Creaming rich metal formula, waterproof, evidence of smudge and robust wear is simple to apply.

A soft metallic tone of bronze amulet highlights the eyes. Good for a Sun Goddess effect every day. Creamy rich metallic formula, waterproof, smudge-proof and continuous wear are easy to add.

In Ancient Pewter silver pure liquefied metal liner provides a brilliant Silver pop. Applicator with a long-wearing iridescent formula without smoking felt-tipped precision. This liner is made from mineral pigments naturally, strengthened by the main botanicals of Star Anise Fruit Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender Flower Water, and Aloe Leaf Extract.

Eye Shadow Palette that unites 8 intensely-pigmented shades have inspired an important winter. Unique handmade packaging and mastered formula allow endless possibilities to be produced which complement all tones of the skin.

BIO lipsticks are 98% organic and 100% vegans with essential ocean botanical products. A satin blend of lip hydrating ingredients, extracted from the wild and plump lips, embodied by VESTA Dedess of Heart, home and family, in the most important RED color.

Where to Buy for Less?

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