Esatto EFLW6 Front Load Washing Machines

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Brand:                                                          Esatto
Model:                                                          EFLW6
Height:                                                         850mm
Width:                                                          595mm
Depth:                                                          495mm
Weight (kg):                                                54kg
Max spin speed:                                         1200RPM
Agitator:                                                      Flexible finned
Total capacity:                                             6kg
Type of connection:                                    10A plug & lead

Product Description

Esatto is an electronics company that delivers high quality and affordable home appliances that especially suites the Australian lifestyle. The Esatto washing machines in Australia provide exactly all of the functions you require from an appliance, without all the unnecessary ones, which is the best package for the people to use it.


  • Brand: Esatto
  • Model Number: Eflw6
  • Washing Capacity: 6 kg
  • Machine Weight: 54 kg
  • Spin Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Time Remaining Display: Yes
  • Delay Start: Yes
  • Numbers of Programs: 16


This washing machine has the fastest washing time among all the other machines which makes it better than others. Its ‘Speed Wash Function’ decreases the washing time so you can get through more loads throughout the day, or have more time for other important things. This is ideal for young families to make their problems less. This comes with the amazing child lock system for the more security purpose. It comes with another feature that it reduces the big bubbles while washing so its feature is that it reduces the bubbles.

It has a washing capacity of 6kg and has a total weight of 54kg. It includes the total of 16 numbers of programs like rinse and spin, Quick wash and many other programs. It has a spin speed of 12000 rounds per minutes and also has a child lock to protect the machine from your child for their safety purpose. It has a LED display which shows the time remaining display and delay start.   


If you are tired of washing clothes by hands so purchase this amazing washing machine to make your life easier. Esatto Eflw6 Washing Machines Price in Australia varies from 432$ to 504$ AUD. We have enlisted various stores from where you can easily buy this amazing washing machine.