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The weather or time sometimes does not allow you to train every day. Still, you want to keep yourself on track; then there is nothing better than Elite Australia. The brand offers innovative Elite bike trainers that allow you to train at your homes.

Elite Australia is a leading brand in the Bicycle training market that allows you to train at home. You place your racing bike or mountain bike in an Elite bike trainer and enjoy practising. The Elite brand is known for its high-quality bicycle trainers during the winter months.

You can easily start your indoor bicycle training with Elite Home Trainers & Classic Trainers products. There are also Elite bicycle trainers where you can connect a kind of virtual reality system so that you can make your practice a little more realistic by cycling.

Brand Overview

Elite is the well-known Italian brand that leads the bicycle market with bicycle trainers, water bottles and bottle cages, among other things. Elite trainers are ideal for indoor training, to improve and perfect your performance.

The Elite Company has been manufacturing technological and practical accessories for the two-wheeled world for over 30 years. In addition to the home trainers, roller trainers and bottle cages offered with the corresponding bottle, the expanded Elite range includes all cycling accessories made of high-quality materials.

Following intense discussions with professional and amateur cyclists, Elite ideas emerged which should help increase performance on bikes. Elite roller trainers and home trainers are popular products for professional cyclists and bikers who use them at home.

It is usually the bikes that are attached to the drive roller device. The virtual circuits are simulated on a computer to navigate the roads, paths, tracks or terrestrial paths inside - the DVDs rich in action also make it possible to bring more reality to training.

Elite, the manufacturer of bicycle accessories, has also established itself through its wide choice of bottles and hydration systems. In addition to the cans containing a large number of cold drinks, Elite produces another version intended for hot beverages. This double-wall Thermo insulated container guarantees a very high insulation capacity.

Elite hydration systems are used in countless events and on various course circuits. Their large size, therefore, characterises these large volume cans. Since the Elite company also offers accessories for cycling, it also includes bottle cages and aerodynamic hydration systems in its complete range.

Elite Products

Following are the Elite products that help you to boost your performances with most advanced cycling trainers.

The Turbo Muin from Elite provides complete training on the bike. You usually attach the rear wheel of your racing bike to the bike trainer, with the Turbo Muin Elite bike trainer the bike trainer replaces the rear wheel.

The bike trainer creates resistance with a fluid brake, which makes this bike trainer very quiet so that you only hear the bike itself, an ideal trainer if you don't want to bother others in your house with your bike training.

Another advantage of a fluid brake is that the resistance is built up evenly based on the speed you cycle. Because the bicycle trainer replaces the rear wheel, all sensors respond correctly to the way you move and make speed. Also, there is a wide choice of options to set the resistance.

Optionally, the resistance can be automatically increased with your speed by the Turbo Main Elite bike trainer. An excellent option is that the bicycle trainer connects to the My E-training app. In this app, your training schedule is kept and your heart rate.

This Elite bike trainer also has a fluid brake. As a result, more resistance given in comparison with an ordinary bicycle trainer and the trainer is very quiet. In this model, you click your racing bike with the rear wheel in the bike trainer.

Thanks to the specially built-in compass system, the system reacts the same as on a normal road, so that the frame moves slightly. It gives you the real idea that you are cycling outside, thanks to the unique resistance. The frame is extra sturdy and can assemble in no time.

Afterwards, you can easily store the bicycle trainer again so that the bicycle trainer does not take up any extra space. Of course, this bike trainer can also combine with the My trainer app.

This bike trainer works with a magnetic brake with 16 different levels. The Qubo Digital comes with a cycling computer that tracks your performance.

You can immediately see which speed you are currently driving, and you can easily adjust your training schedule via the digital. Different types of training are possible, each with its theme and level. For example, you can perform specialised strength training on the Qubo Digital. Also, your distance and heart rate recorded.

Optionally, you can expand this further with the My trainer app that links to the Qubo Digital. The bicycle trainer is easy to assemble and put away again after the training.

Qubo Power

You can now easily reach the basis for a good training program with the Qubo Power Mag. The resistance is magnetic and can be adjusted to eight different levels to build up your training in the right way.

Thanks to the My Training App and supplied sensors, you can easily set your training on the Elite bike trainer. The Power Mag works without power and can, therefore, used anywhere. The resistance adjusted with a unique lever, and you can get started with your daily training on the bike trainer.

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