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The short form of Elegoo is “ELE” which is actually an electronic word – means an open-source electronic. The company was established back in March 2015 as a thriving technology company – dedicated to open-source production, hardware research & development and marketing. It’s currently located in China in Shenzhen but thanks to its distributors and suppliers, they’re making it possible for Aussies to get an advantage of Elegoo in Australia. The company is, currently, having 10,763+ square ft—factory with more than 100 employees.

Besides their online Elegoo Store online, they’re selling all of their products across the globe including Australia and New Zealand through Amazon network. Elegoo assumes that all creative structures are combined with open-source electronics. When it comes to their mission or vision, they’re creating the future – which is understood as “they have the ability to create almost anything using programming and 3D printing technology. Moreover, they are providing geeks with the key to a new world.”

They aim to provide customers with the best online shopping experience. They ensure the maximum convenience of customers through their 24 hours availability. As an ongoing, fast-growing company of technology, Elegoo strives hard to offer you quality products and excellent services that meet your expectations.


The company is committed to delivering exceptional products at unmatched rates through Elegoo Sale and promotions. They dedicate themselves to delivering products safely to their customers and allow them to enjoy a wonderful online shopping experience like never before. Some of the best products are as follow:

The Sensor Kit offers a flexible, easy to use hardware and software-based open-source electronics prototyping platform that develops users from start to finish. This sensor kit consists of 31 creative and interesting projects that teach you the basics of electronics and programming using an R3 board or Mega 2560 board, which are the most popular and useful electronic components and sensors. This kit is the most helpful and cost-effective sensor kit in the Amazon market, with upgraded 37 sensor modules. It is 100% beginner-friendly.

The Most Complete Starter Kit offers a platform based upon flexible, easy to use hardware and software for open-source electronics prototyping. It includes all the key components needed to program with the Elegoo Uno R3 board and free pdf lessons for new and advanced users. It provides 33 different lessons.

Once it comes to a high-frequency printing environment, you may need more than one tank or resin vat to save time and a quicker colour turn in the resin. Here is the rescue of this Plastic Resin Tank Kit. They come with two plastic resin tanks, with lids on top of each vat, that can be used on Mars 3D printers to prevent dust or direct light if you don't use them.

Tumbller is an intelligent, 12-year, self-equilibrating car designed for teenagers. It has several functions and provides you with a great practical experience. This is also a DIY kit that helps children encourage imagination and encourages fantasy. Because Arduino has been created and based, you can also change its function through programming.

Robot Mini car is a smart robotic car kit, designed for 6 years of age and above to learn robotic knowledge and graphical programming, with many functions and excellent user experience. The assembly of the mini-robotic car kit with the tutorial provided is very intuitive and fun, whether you are a beginner or a technician.

This kit lets you spend a good time and innovation with your children and get hands-on experiences. As you go on, you can learn about a range of robotic equipment and electronic components, grasp the principles of block-based programming and improve your critical thinking and design capabilities.

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