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Electric Heaters

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The use of good Electrical Heaters in Australia on occasion can certainly be an easy and fast way of getting the edge off the cold night, especially if you are quite close to the heater and the room is not too large. Before going into the shops or shopping online, here are the different types of heaters along with their advantages and disadvantages to help you find the right one for your needs.

Radiant Heaters

As the name suggests, Radiant heaters are personal heaters. The heater heats the room through radiant heat instead of a conventional method i.e. radiators. The heat energy is produced from a warm element such as a wall or overhead panel, floor or warms people and other objects in a room instead of heating the air.


  • Radiant heaters are wall-mounted or floor models.
  • They are significantly affordable as compared to Gas Heaters.


  • They don’t heat the air of the room quite well.
  • A fire and safety risk can be a relatively exposed heating element. For instance, it may burn a piece of cloth, or it may burn small children playing around a floor – so be careful.

Oil-Filled Column Heaters

Instead of burning oil, they use electricity in order to heat the oil which is sealed inside their columns. The heat then is transmitted from the fuel into the case and into the atmosphere that circulates. Instead of using other materials or heating systems some column heaters do not even use oil filled – but they operate the same way.


  • Column heaters are ideal for rooms where they are on for a long time or run unattended like overnight in a bedroom.
  • The surface of a column heater is not as warm as other kinds of heaters.
  • The column heaters can distribute the heat faster with an extremely low speed of ceiling fan.


  • They use natural convection so it takes longer for a space to be heated than comparable fan-assisted heaters.
  • There may be no uniform distribution of heat if there is little air motion (for instance if you're reading or looking at TV).

Fan Heaters

The fan heaters are specially designed to blow the hot air in the room and the fan is the major part of the heater. These types of heaters are normally powerful and can project the warm air into space.


  • Fan heaters are smaller in size and more portable as compared to the all other electric heaters.

  • Fan heaters can heat up the air of the room faster.


  • The fan heater can be rather loud at the full speed, but generally quiet when the speed is low.
  • Fires have been caused in the past by small private fan heaters: in contemporary variants, safety criteria have been met that reduce this danger.

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