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EHPlabs is a revolutionary sports nutrition brand which is dedicated to the research and development of innovative products that are specifically formulated to legally improve human performance and health. The brand focuses on scientific and pharmaceutical research in the fields of Molecular Biochemistry, human biomechanics, sports nutrition and the science of physical exercise. EHPlabs takes you to the next level after years of research, testing, and formulation. The brand has achieved its goal. Bringing you the most anticipated and most acclaimed pre-workout, thermogenic and Creatine monohydrate.

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History of the Brand

EHPlabs is a worldwide brand of sports supplements which was founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand is dedicated to the research and formulation of the highest quality and most efficient products in the fitness sector. The brand's main goal is to help people achieve their health and fitness goals and maximize their physical performance and recovery.

EHP Labs is globally known for its flagship product, OxyShred, which has helped more than 2 million people to achieve their weight loss goals over the last 5 years. The brand now offers more than 22 supplements in its range, specially designed for various shaping goals, including weight loss, energy before training, muscle gain, muscle recovery, sleeping pills, vasodilators, detoxification, etc. In addition, the brand also offers top quality clothing for fitness and lifestyle, as well as various fitness products designed with athletes and high-level influencers in the fitness sector.

The team of this brand consists of experienced scientists, pharmacists, sports physicians and athletes ensure that they have the best-equipped team to search for the latest and most exclusive legal chemical compounds and formulations to produce the most efficient and sought-after products. The brand guarantees the efficiency of its products by maintaining its own testing and formulation laboratory. The EHP brand manufactures all its products in its GMP (good manufacturing practices) a certified factory in the United States. This nutrition’s are also being famous now in Australia as people are getting benefits from it.

Where to Buy

EHPlabs is also famous for its inspiring team of athletes and brand ambassadors that includes personal trainers to fitness models and professional bodybuilders. The brand also has an influence on the media Social. In a short time, the brand has become a globally recognized brand as a leading and trusted international sports nutrition brand. EHP Labs has traveled the world and presented itself as major sponsors of the brand at major fitness fairs in various including the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, Arnold Expo, and BodyPower UK. Fitness exhibition in Australia, NZ FitExpo, LA FitExpo. If you are from Australia and wants to purchase these EHP products you can place your orders on Australian most trustable website Paylessdeal.com.au.