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Its been around 40 years since Efamol in Australia has been leading an international field in the research and development of EFA (essential fatty acid) health supplements. The company, since its inception, has developed a handsome range of EFA-based products that are spanning a wide number of health sectors including eye, brain, heart as well as hormonal health.

At their online official Efamol Store, purity and quality both are key values for them. A superior quality marine oil of Efamol is being used in all products and is obtained from renewable stocks. As one of only a handful of EFA-based foreign products, Efamol has led to the development of proven scientific health supplements. Besides, a special formulation of Efamol contain carefully extracted oils from natural sources. All the oils are screened so that they are pollutant-free. Their exclusive Rigel Evening Primrosa has been produced by the same producers that they have used since its inception in the Netherlands and New Zealand.

The company has future goals – like other brands, and therefore, Efamol is continuously investing in development as well as studies. According to Efamol, a wide number of products and formulas too will be launched that will hold their key values of quality, ethical practice, efficiency, and educate their audience to enjoy healthy lives.

Efamol Products

Customer satisfaction is Efamol’s first and foremost priority alongside purity and quality in products. Thus, it’s striving to provide its customers with products made carefully to fulfil their needs. Besides, one can go through Efamol Sale and promotions to get their products even at eye-catching rates. Some of the best Efamol products are as follow:

  • Brain Concentrate (Adults)

Your brain is a system in your body that regulates your attention, brain functions and feelings. Diet can play a key role in mental and physical health. Efamol brain concentrate Adults are rich in omega-3 omega fats with high strength, concentrated peach oil. It promotes normal brain function and is an excellent source of DHA. A balanced supply of these good fats will improve the ability to learn, concentrate and organize and support under conditions.

  • Active Memory

The brain is like a machine or major part of your body that regulates your functions as well as emotions. Diet can play a major role in preserving physical and mental health. Efamol Active Memory50 + brings together the essential omega-3 nutrient DHA, phosphatidylserine and two B vitamins known for their contribution to the activity and efficiency of the brain.

  • Efamol Vision

The eye is greatly enriched with fatty acids of omega-3, particularly DHA found very high in the retina. In the area of the back of the head, called the macula, there are many other significant nutrients, such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin, members of the family of carotenoids.

Efamol Vision provides these and other key nutrients that play an important part in the design and function of the eye. Enhance your vision and eye health with a supplement rich in the omega-3 DHA nuts and main lutein, bilberry and zinc antioxidant nutrients.

  • Evening Primrose Oil

Not every primrose oil is the same. But this is not the case with Primrose oil of Efamol. It is derived from a specially grown night primrose called Rigel, whose seeds contain up to 33% more GLA than other petroleum oil. Research shows that not just the amount of GLA, but consistency, is significant. The essence of both is represented by the Efamol.

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