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Easton is an extraordinary brand expert in carbon fibre and aluminium and is at the forefront of technology. Easton Cycling is two parts of science and one piece of passion. Easton Australia is a brand born during the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 and exists for a reason, to improve bicycles.

Everything Easton does is based on performance, testing new materials, creating new technologies and introducing industrial standards to make bicycles lighter, faster and more durable. Easton’s passion for victory and production has changed cycling, and the innovations of the company are innumerable.

Easton is the leading brand in the design, engineering and manufacturing of composites for the bicycle industry offering a wide range of carbon and aluminium wheelsets and components to both manufacturers and cyclists worldwide.

The products compare favourably with other brands by their low weight while surpassing many models in terms of durability and driving qualities. In a wide range you will find almost all bicycle parts, both MTB and highway:

Easton Brand Overview

Easton Cycling has one goal, to make bikes better. The company was born during the Los Angeles Olympics since 1984. Easton does everything to make the bike move smoother, faster and more durable.

The adventure of the EASTON CYCLING branch started on a high note, during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics! The performance objective is ideally suited to society, which wants to make ever-better bikes, and draws on its experience and its engineering department to create quality components.

EASTON is today an essential brand, with high-performance wheels, fluid and durable bearings, stems, hangers equipping riders from all over the world, for professionals and amateurs. With Easton Cycling, we make sure to provide you with reliable and durable equipment! So we take care to offer stems, hangers, and seat posts designed by the brand and appreciated by riders or backpackers who love high-performance equipment.

EASTON cycling products

When it comes to cycling, you have to pay special attention to the accessories and items we need for it. The EASTON Australia has been developing helmets for the athlete for years and in most cases, producing these new items with the collaboration of world and elite national athletes.

Their design characterizes the cycling products EASTON, specifically created for the practice of the sport. The American brand has managed to gain a foothold among practitioners and today, and it is one of the best-known cycling brands.

Easton Cycling collection

In the Easton collection available at our online store, you will find endless cycling products and accessories. Useful and unique specifications to offer you all the information about EASTON cycling products. It is not possible to mention all the Collections of Products by Easton here in a single article in details but let’s have a quick review of what products this brand offers

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