Dyson v8 absolute Vacuums

4/5 $876 - $876

Manufacturer:                    Dyson
Product Dimensions:        9.9 x 8.9 x 49 inches
Item Weight:                      5.75 pounds
Shipping Weight:             12.79 pounds
Battery:                             1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Availability:                       In Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Gold Coast and more )

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Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum


Since its creation nearly 30 years ago, the British Dyson has become the benchmark brand for vacuum cleaners. Generally, thanks to technology and design that has won the hearts of the users. Very quickly, the company has expanded its range to offer products that meet the different expectations of users. Dyson offers sweeper vacuums, sled vacuums, but also hand models or robot vacuums. For the former, the brand currently markets the V8 Absolute vacuum. Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner in Australia is easily available in the market now or you can purchase it form the above-mentioned stores.


  • Brand Name: Dyson
  • Model: V8 Absolute
  • Weight: 2.63 pounds
  • Capacity: 5.50 kilograms
  • Volume: 15 liters
  • Material: Aluminum and Plastic
  • Battery Timing: 30 minutes
  • Automatic shutdown: No


The Dyson vacuum cleaner has several advantages, such as its 30 minutes of autonomy when used in Powerful mode, but also the hygienic emptying of the collector and the powerful motorized brush. The Dyson V8 Absolute, in addition to being light and manageable as the most advanced electric broom, also hides another surprise a performance vacuum like a traditional vacuum cleaner and which, at present, only very few electric brooms are in able to offer. The vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 absolute contains a concentration of technologies. It is ideal for deep cleaning carpets or hard floors thanks to its soft roller brush, motorized brush, and mini turbo brush!

The main feature of this Vacuum is that it is Rechargeable, it gives you up to 40 minutes of suction to remove fine dust in one pass. For practical and versatile use, it turns into a hand vacuum. Its 2 Tier Radial technology produces powerful and consistent suction. It removes large fine dust rubbish as a standard vacuum with the digital engine. It is easy to lift thanks to the center of gravity, located around the handle for easy grip in height, down, and in the middle. The detachable tube is made of lightweight aluminum to reach the high and low spaces and hard to reach places.

This feature was developed by James Dyson in 1978 when, after purchasing a Hoover vacuum cleaner, he noticed that the appliance was easily obstructed and lost suction power. After having emptied the bag several times, Dyson decided to disassemble the appliance to understand where the problem was he realized that the dirt, after a few minutes of use, was going to obstruct the fine texture of the bag, preventing the vacuum cleaner from work correctly. In the beginning, the new technology developed by Dyson had limited success because the vacuum cleaner market with bag invoiced more than 500 million dollars and many entrepreneurs feared to lose a significant slice of the market, but things changed in 1985 when a Japanese company showed interest in patenting Dyson's invention.


As working smart is the better way than to work hard. It’s being quite difficult for the families to clean up their houses manually so why not to purchase a vacuum cleaner to make your life much easier. The Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner price in Australia is approximately 586 AUD. We have mentioned some of the stores from where you can purchase these vacuum cleaners from the stores to save you time and money.