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There is a handsome range of Dryers in Australia that can easily get the job done. However, buying the wrong one may leave a negative impact on your electricity bill as well as make your laundry a bit damp when drying. Thus, you’ll need to make your choice wisely and here on this page, alongside dryers from well-recognised brands, we provide you with enough information on how to choose the best dryer.

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Coolrunner 3pcs LED Flashlight, Small Gl...


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Simpson 55kg Vented Dryer SDV556HQWA


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Haier 8kg Condenser Dryer


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Beko BDV60W 6kg Sensor Vented Dryer


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Devanti 5kg Vented Clothes Dryer Tumble...


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Haier 7kg Sensor Vented Dryer HDV70E1


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Midea 7KG Vented Dryer Only Front vented...


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Fisher Paykel DE4060M1 4kg Front Load Ve...


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Lemon Disinfectant 5 Litre


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LG WTG1034WF 10kg Direct Drive Top Load...


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Panasonic 7kg Vented Sensor Dryer


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Fisher Paykel DE7060G2 7kg Front Load Ve...


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Xiaomi Intelligent MultiFunction Retract...


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Electrolux 8kg Heat Pump Dryer EDH803BEW...


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Samsung 8kg Heat Pump Dryer


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Fisher Paykel DH9060FS1 9kg Heat Pump Co...


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Comac Vega 85BT Walk Behind Electric Flo...


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SOLT 6kg Front Load Washer


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Midea 7KG Heat Pump Dryer MDS70CH05B08AU...


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Asko T408HDWAU 8kg Heat Pump Logic Dryer


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TCS Cable Operated Automatic Floor Scrub...


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SOLT 55kg Top Load Washer


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Electrolux 7kg Sensor Dryer


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Beko BDP83HW 8kg Sensor Hybrid Heat Pump...


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Types of Dryers

What is the total space do you have in your home? It’s because dryers are available in almost all sizes – from full-sized to compact. Therefore, it’s mandatory to decide the type of dryer you want for your needs. Almost every customer buys electric Dryers Online in Australia and based on different reports, whether you choose an electric or gas dryers, both perform similarly.

  • Compact Dryers

There are only electric dryers in compact size as most of the manufacturers don’t prefer producing compact gas dryers. Every compact dryer comes with 24-inches width. But its depth and height both vary significantly. Compact dryers usually run at 240 volts but if there is ductwork in your home, it’s a good idea to choose a vented dryer. The Australian market comprises multiple ventless models that are often named Condenser dryer. Approx. 2½ hours are required against one load to dry.

  • Full-Sized Dryers

Talking about full-sized dryers they can be partnered with matching washers with ease. It’s a dryer that can be piled to conserve space on top of the washer. This dryer also needs around 240 volts to run smoothly and for a gas dryer in full-size, only a 120-volt outlet is more than enough. Most of the full-sized dryers come with a 1-year warranty only on labour and parts. However, there are multiple brands in Australia, offering up 5 years warranty to grab the customers’ attention.

Features to Look

There are a wide range of Dryers on Sale here on this page with multiple features to choose from. However, here are the four fantastic features you must consider for your dryer.

  • Extended Tumble

Isn’t it possible to get to the dryer right after it’s done? An extended tumble environment eliminates wrinkles by tumbling the clothes intermittently.

  • Auto-Dry Cycles

Auto dry cycles enable you to stop guessing on how time is required to dry the laundry. This feature offers multiple settings from drier to less dry for your clothes and different points in between.

  • End-of-Cycle Signal

You will be notified that it’s time to pull your laundry out of your dryer by a smart melody or a chatter of beeps. If the cycle ends long, it can result in more wrinkles and ironing longer. It turns off some signals or lower the sound so that the sleeping people wouldn’t get disturbed.

  • Moisture Sensor

Your dryer must comprise a moisture sensor feature as it enables the dryer to detect the dampness of your laundry and turn off the dyer once the laundry is dry. It also prevents over-drying your clothes and hence, it saves energy too. Besides, the moisture sensor’s another benefit is that it’s considered the best as compared to a thermostat which let the dryer run for long.

Where to Buy Dryers for Less?

At Paylessdeal, we are giving a detailed and thorough price analysis to our customers, so that they can save a lot of dollars with ease. Our team of experts have compared all the dryers from a range of Australian online stores including Amazon and listed them here on this page. Hence, it’s much easier for you to compare Dryers Prices in Australia that range between AU$499-$1899 and shop one at the lowest possible rates. It’s also important to note that online shopping through a price comparison doesn’t become helpful but safe too. Therefore, be sure you go through all the products, compare prices and buy one at the lowest possible rates.