A privately-owned skincare brand named Dr Sebagh in Australia is co-owned by a businesswoman, a cosmetic doctor Jean-Louis and Melissa John (philanthropist). The brand is known for its own formulated and manufactured products across the country. That independence helps them develop something powerful and unique and those formulas that use advance biotech ingredients. All their ingredients for their products are chosen quite carefully for the strength and specific benefits.

The philosophy of Dr Sebagh’s brand has always been the basic requirements of the skin and the correct concentration and using the latest biotechnology to “feed” it properly with the right ingredients for your skin type is important for the optimum skin. The first person to suggest the combining of various serums was Jean-Louis Sebagh to establish a specific skincare regimen.

Besides, there has never been a greater choice or opinion to ask in the field of cosmetic treatments, but faith is important, and credibility is everything. Dr Sebagh is considered to provide London’s leading anti-aging and ageing maintenance treatment for both body and face with his team of French cosmetic fellows who were well-known.

Today, at their official online Dr Sebagh Store, they have a most exceptional range of skincare and body care products that are made with advanced formulas and biotech ingredients. They have chosen ingredients not only for the strength of your skin and body but for specific benefits as well. Let’s have a look at some of the best/featured products offered by Dr Sebagh below:

Product Categories


The rose silver gift package by Dr Sebagh contains three of the most luxurious formulas of the company and is packaged in an opulent silver and toned box according to its brand. The Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask, which is intensely humidifying, leaves the skin hydrated, calming and radiant, and the Rose de Vie Serum is rich in organic antioxidant roses oil to reduce the redness.

Dr Sebagh has expertly formulated this ultra-lightweight instantaneous eye casting gel for instantaneous lifting and straining onto the delicate eye region. This conveniently absorbent formula can be held under make-up for a refreshed finish. It is filled with hyaluronic acid, which decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Two times a day of eye cream leaves the skin tumbling, covered and cooled. It was designed to achieve precise and tailored results using the most effective active ingredients at high concentrations. Ceramides refill the skin's lipid layer to lighten the surface and seal it in essential humidity.

This revolutionary self-tanner gives skin a sun-free, radiant and balanced look with anti-aging properties. HEV Mélanin prevents the consequences from smartphones, tablets and portfolios of high-energy visible light, a blue/purple light that can be close to UV. Such special drops are simply combated with the normal moisturizer or serum to produce an incredible golden shimmer that stretches over a few hours and requires about two to three days to protect the skin against the aging effects of oxidative strain.

Dr Sebagh's de-puff eye remedy is the culmination of more than 30 years of clinical practice and is rejuvenating and enhancing the look with active ingredients. The fatty material which produces puffy eyes is formulated using phosphatidylcholine, which fluoresces and firmly smoothes the fragile area of the eye while at the same time correcting dark circles.

The bestselling instant eye lifting gel from Dr Sebagh would have more than 30 years of clinical expertise in his skin-innovative range for the delicate area to be raised, straightened and balanced. Hyaluronic acid designed for linking skin water and lines transforms fatigued skin, stimulates the development of collagen and prevents cellular regeneration at the same time.

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