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DOOGEE is a mobile phone brand launched in 2013 by KVD Communication Equipment International Group. DOOGEE has gained a foothold in the global market through strong relationships with major e-commerce sites. The brand has conquered the European market despite these requirements in terms of quality. Which gives it to be one of the most sought after brands by international consumers. DOOGEE Australia is also getting famous due to its budgeted smartphone, having the latest specifications and features.

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DOOGEE S40 LITE Dual Sim Free Rugged Sma...


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Flip Cloth Pattern Leather Full Body Wit...


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Rugged Mobile Phone Unlocked, DOOGEE S90...


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Apple iPhone SE 4 inch 16GB 4G Smartphon...


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DOOGEE Y8 61 inch 4G Smartphone 3GB 16GB...


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The African mobile market is growing and is expected to reach 3 billion units by 2050. The company uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide users with excellent value for money. It is also dedicated and experienced engineering teams that have made their mark on the world's major mobile groups, including Nokia, Alcatel, etc.

DOOGEE is also several series of mobiles for all users. The high end, with Mix, which offers the must-have in terms of components and borderless screens. The series of BL that offers mobiles with big batteries, enough to hold several hours with a single charge. The manufacturer has two factories with 16 assembly lines. More than 800 thousand mobiles are produced each month.

Rigid Body and Stylish Design:

DOOGEE changed its strategy at the end of 2018 or early in 2019. Now, it focuses almost exclusively on its robust and durable range. If thick smartphones with big batteries aren't your cup of tea, take a look at the impressive new Xiaomi, UMiDigi and Cubot phone, recently released.

Since 2013, they have launched impressively more than 75 smartphones, mostly inexpensive, which has allowed them to gain the experience and insight to know that it is an excellent mobile phone.

When smaller mobile brands like DOOGEE last that long, it usually means they're doing something right! Fast forward to 2019 and let's see which DOOGEE smartphones are the most interesting you can have at your fingertips hiving the best hardware and software configurations.

DOOGEE Sale Australia in Reasonable Prices:

For those who do not yet know the DOOGEE smartphone manufacturing company, let me tell you, it's a mobile phone brand that helps bring high-performance products to the global marketplace.

To connect people to put on the market phones with beautiful designs, powerful features with features as smart. DOOGEE smartphone price in Australia is also reasonable that why people are now purchasing these smartphones to save their extra amount of money while having the same specs as of flagship smartphones.

As we may know, there are a lot of Asian Smartphones on the African market with unbeatable prices to better adapt to their target market. DOOGEE a brand designed for everyone is not going to bother with this rule with the announcement of high-performance phones and affordable value for money.

DOOGEE keeps launching its new smartphones which comes with fascinating features in a reasonable by which is the main reason for the brand’s success.