Among various famous dishwasher brands, Dishlex Dishwasher in Australia is one of the economical brands, which is a subsidiary part of the Electrolux appliances. If we say that these dishwashers can save you bills, then it will be valid as they consume less water and electricity consumption, which eventually saves you bills.

On the other hand, these Dishlex dishwashers have the same sort of features and functions, as you can find in any other dishwashers.

Price and Availability

Dishlex dishwashers offer various kinds of dishwashers that are simple to install and use. Dishlex offers only a few dishwashers, but they are enough to cover all your dishes on a single plate.

All the models of the dishwashers are freestanding with a removable worktop so that it can be easy for you to clean it up.

Whereas for the price, Dishlex dishwashers price in Australia ranges from 400 to 700 AUD. We have set up a few stores from where you can compare the prices before buying Dishlex dishwashers.


All the dishwashers offer by the brand are freestanding, including the stainless steel tub and soft glasses to add elegance. These dishwashers have the capacity of almost 13 plates to laid at a time, and there is a fan to dry the dishes after you have washed them.

Every model of this brand has the tray having the same capacity. Furthermore, you can save time and money when you have a lot of work to do so and don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen just washing the dishes.

These machines are suitable for those who have a large number of family members. There are various programs and functions you can find out in these dishwashers, which includes the Auto mode to give you the optimal washing.

There are various button controls which shows you the remaining display time and can work auto. Somehow if you are late from your work, there is a button to delay the start time to 24 hours so you will not have to worry anymore.