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The brand "Dior Homme" was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior. Christian Dior was a famous costume designer and fashion designer. Today, the Dior Homme brand is not only limited to make perfumes, but also world-class fashion, leather goods, accessories, underwear, footwear, watches, and jewellery.

Cosmetics for the face, body, and make-up also join the group of luxury products. And all the products of Dior Homme in Australia are readily available on various online stores. Whether you are searching for fragrances, cosmetics, or clothes, you can easily find all your favourite items from the stores as mentioned earlier.

Brand's Story

Are you curious about the life story of one of the most famous fashion designers of the 20th century? Christian Dior was born in Normandy, where he studied international relations and earned his livelihood by being the owner of the gallery. In 1947, Dior released his first Corolle collection to fashion fans known as New Look.

Dior's creations were shocking because they were characterized by the new style, courage, and trends that were far ahead, thus departing from contemporary fashion.

Dior released his perfume with his first New Look collection. And it is at the end of the 1940s that the well-known floral Miss Dior appears on the market. It is worth emphasizing the fact that Miss Dior perfume was designed and created by Jean Carles and Paul Vacher.

It is worth noting that the names of perfumers are unknown to us. They are usually anonymous artists who create fragrances for world fashion houses.

Jean Carles is a legend in the perfume world, and such names of perfumers are unknown to us. They are usually anonymous artists who create fragrances for world fashion houses. They are generally unsigned artists who create fragrances for world fashion houses.

Brand's products

When it comes to perfumes cosmetics or any other fashion accessories, Christian Dior Homme is one of the most popular brands nowadays offering you all kinds of fashion-related products.

In addition to perfume and fashion, Dior also provides the best quality lipsticks that nurture and emphasize our natural beauty. The innovative formula combines care properties and perfect colour.

The line of lipsticks Dior Addict phenomenally won the hearts of fans of this brand, just like the fragrances of Miss Dior and Dior Sauvage. For daily face care, Dior has created Multi-Perfection Texture Riche. It is a vibrant and nourishing anti-aging cream designed for all skin types.

The most popularly sold perfume for men is Christian Dior Homme an elegant fragrance for men, combining classic and modernity, extraordinarily mysterious and exotic with a touch of spiciness.

A sensual and masculine combination of wood notes with powdery accents. Top note is the aroma of lavender, sage and cardamom. The base is made of vetiver, patchouli and leather. Iris, amber and cocoa form the basis of the heart note.

Price and availability

Dior Homme is used and advertised by several Hollywood actors such as Johnny Deep. The brand has made its name all over the globe and has opened outlets across the world. For the price of the products which varies from product to product. In general Dior Homme price in Australia usually starts from $50 AU and can go up to 500 AUD. So if you in search of any Dior Homme products you can find all of them in a single place.