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Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras are also known as digicam and with the help of these cameras; you can store your data digitally. The images and videos can be seen on the screen and can also be printed to physical media. The lens of the digital camera have variable diaphragm and helps in saving images at different light instances. Some cameras have the ability to record videos with sound as well. You can also edit or crop the images after you have saved them. The first filmless camera was invented in 1972 by Kodak and by 2000, all the film cameras were replaced by DSLR cameras. Digital cameras provide you the option to edit the images on the go and you can change different parameters such as brightness, contrast and sharpness. Digital cameras can be classified into different categories which are DSLR cameras, Modular Cameras, Bridge cameras, 360 degree cameras, Action cameras and compact cameras. All the cameras use different mechanics to capture the image. Nowadays, DSLR cameras the most common type of cameras because they provide better resolution and a sharp image quality. The price of the cameras depends upon the features of the camera. LCD screen size, lens quality and body size determine the price of the camera. Instead of looking for price and features of multiple websites, you should use price comparison websites. You can easily compare digital camera prices on this websites as database of different online stores are present on such websites.