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Find out a handsome range of baby products at Difrax in Australia without having to compromise – thanks to their dedication and performance that adds to their work. They have an exquisite 50 years of experience as Difrax was founded back in 1967 when its founders Dimphna and Frank Van Eijkelenborg strived hard and established brand with baby products.

They have an expert team of developers who are committed to create mind-boggling designs and bring innovations in every single product available at the Difrax Store online. It’s been more than 50 years since the team members of Difrax have been struggling hard to make the difference and stand out in a crowd. They are the soul and heart, motivated by the common aim to make moms, dads, and children around the world happy with Difrax’s beautiful range of products. Consequently, the products are checked quite strictly.

Besides, the Difrax store ensures a hassle-free and convenient online shopping experience for all their loyal customers. They are providing round the clock service so that their customers can easily reach them from anywhere anytime as they have customers from all over the globe. Moreover, Difrax offers convenient and flexible shipping options, which is, without a doubt, is a big aid.

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The Difrax Sale and discounts are available to encourage you to obtain your favourite production at unrivalled prices from their official online store. They deliver the most beautiful collection of products under various categories to choose from. Some of the best products are as follow:

The Difrax Natural Pacifier 18 + months suits the sucking needs of your baby. The nozzle of the pacificator is round and convex, so it is perfect for kids who turn their mouths around the pacificator. It has a large shield, a solid teat, and a silicone composite, designed especially for babies over 18 months old.

For years, the Natural 250 ml Difrax baby bottle has become the most common baby bottle for babies, mothers, and dads because of its special anti-colic valve and S-shaped cap. The two special characteristics combined guarantee a steady and normal nutrient flow. The anti-colic S-baby bottle is a proven breastfeeding-association and can be used from birth.

The 200ml Glass S-Bottle has a proprietary bottom anti-colic system to avoid bowel cramps, burp, and coughing. The bottle for glass sweets is made of light borosilicate glass that is durable. The glass S-Bottle can be supplied with a small silicone teat and can be suitable for a maximum of 200 ml breastfeeding or fed bottle feeding. Extra grip comes from the special coating of the Difrax teat. The teat of this bottle is smooth, round, nipple-fitting, close to the breast of the mother. The combination of breast and bottle feeding is, therefore, simple.

Difrax's Natural 170 ml S-Baby Bottle has been the most popular baby bottle of babies, mothers, or dads for years because of the unique S-shaped valve and bottle. These two special characteristics ensure a steady and constant nutritional flow. The bottle of S-baby anti-colic is a proven combination of breasts and can be used from birth.

The Variflow Ring Difrax 1-2-3 helps parents to choose and retain the right position on the Difrax S-Baby Bottle of the Variflow 1-2-3 teat. The Variflow ring fit the Natural 170 ml and 250 ml bottle of S-Baby, in combination with the Difrax 1-2-3 Variflow Teat Natural.

By using Difrax 1-2-3 Variflow Teat wide, you can dose the amount of the nutrition and thus specify your baby's drinking speed in your feeding room, in conjunction with the 1-2-3 Variflow Ring wide. The outflow speed can, even during bottle-feeding, be adapted to the suction force of your baby.

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