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Dell XPS 13 Core i7 512GB Laptops

$2100 - $2150

Why have we all heaped praise on Dell’s XPS Notebooks over the past numerous years? There is a reason as XPS Laptops have always been gorgeous and capable machines alongside near bezel-less displays which other brands quickly copied. And mos ... read more

Dell Vostro Small Desktops

$599 - $999

Compact and rich in features.Meet the reliable, small desktop redesigned to fit perfectly on your desk and with your business.

Dell XPS 13 Core i7 256GB Laptops

$1850 - $1900

Dell not so long back made a bold statement when it claimed its entirely redesigned laptop named Dell XPS 13 in Australia which is indeed the fastest laptop in its class. The 13.3-inches flagship laptop is in Dell’s Ultraboo ... read more