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In 1984, 35 years ago, a company was created under the name Dell, which was now the best company known for its amazing laptops and Personal Computers. The name of the company was named after the name of its owner. Michael Dell founded the company on February 1, 1984, and has the headquarter in Round Rock, Texas. The brand offers its products all over the world, appreciated by consumers. Dell products include laptops, desktops, workstations, printers, and other products. You can find all the Dell Laptops in Australia from Payless.

Brands History:

Michael Dell was the student at Texas University in Austin, where he founded the company. He gave all his time to the company and stay focused on his motivations. In 1985, the company manufactured its first personal computer called Turbo PC. After that, the company began to generate profits, and in 1986, Michael Dell appointed Lee Walker president of the company so he could give you more ideas to increase the wealth and value of the company. Walker retired in 1990 due to health problems and grew his business. In 1987, the company was limited to Dell Computer Corporations and, from 1998 to 1992, Dell added to the world's largest company.

Dell was considered as the best laptops production company. As other companies give a fierce competition, but in 1999 the company surpassed Compaq and became the most significant PC manufacturing company. During the 2000s, the brand made a name for itself and value around the world and built some of the fantastic personal computers. The band began working on its desktops, laptops, servers, keyboard, mouse, printers, servers and other electronic components.

After the 2000s, Dell expanded its products and began producing laptops and desktops, including servers and workstations, to retain its name. As the brand maintained, it is worth it because of the fierce competition it faces from other manufacturers. While HP is also struggling to make a living on personal computers. Later, the band began working on its printers containing inkjet, LaserJet, and desktop printers. In addition to printers, the brand has also manufactured scanners and other hardware components. The company also manufactures laptops, desktops and game accessories containing keyboards, mice and headphones.

Where to Buy:

Dell is more famous due to its Laptops and Personal Computers. The most famous Dell laptop series are its Inspiron, XPS and Alienware Laptops. Alienware was specially designed for gamers who loved to play games. As we have seen, some of the games that are not possible to run on a simple laptop due to their stunning graphics and high requirements. So looking at all these things the company decided to build such powerful laptops that can runs games easily and make it more smooth to give the user the best gaming experience. If you are a gamer and willing to purchase Dell laptops, you can check and Compare Dell Gaming Laptop Prices in Australia on PayLlessDeal Australia.