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Perhaps there is no one who doesn’t like fried food, right? And if you’re one of those who love the taste and crunch of fried foods, Deep Fryers in Australia have got you covered. They are outstanding machines to prepare fried food at home with less hassle. However, markets are equipped with a plethora of models and options, which makes it very much difficult to decide which one to buy. Below, we’ve listed quite a few types of deep fryers and a number of features to determine your best option.

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Deep Fryers Types

  • Electric Deep Fryers

First and foremost, the most commonly used deep fryers are known as electric deep fryers. They are ideal for both commercial and home use. They are very much small in size and enable you to enjoy frying indoors. Most important of all, electric deep fryers are tremendously affordable than others.

  • Propane Deep Fryers

If you love to fry in a traditional way, then propane deep fryers are an excellent option for you. They heat oil in a matter of seconds and create a crispier bite as compared to all other available deep fryers. The only drawback is that you’ll need a specific degree of caution and safety to use it properly. They are designed to use outdoors.

  • Lockable Lid Fryers

They are a kind of well-famous deep fryers in the Australian market as they are quite safe and sport a lid, which means you no longer need to be worried about hot oil splashing out. Moreover, lockable lid fryers come with a filter that is either removable or permanent for easy cleaning. Most of the lockable lid fryers are designed with a viewing window so that you can keep monitoring what’s happening.

  • Air Fryers

It’s actually not a deep fryer but an option that you should definitely consider. They are equipped with oil-less technology, which means a small amount of oil is used while frying your favourite food. Although air fryers don’t give you the same taste like others but do offer a healthier alternative. They are easy-to-clean, which is a plus point.

  • Rotary Fryers

Very much regular fryers, Rotary fryers don’t use a lot of oil. Only a small amount of oil is required as the food inside the basket rotates through oil instead of submerging entirely. Another advantage with less oil is that it reaches a higher temperature in a jiffy as compared to other models. These fryers bear a viewing window, filter, and lockable lid.

Features to Consider Before Buying

  • Power

The most important feature to consider is its power. Normally, deep fryers power is in-between 1800-2200 watts. The more power means the oil heats up quite quickly. All deep fryers are equipped with a thermostat that indicates when to start. The latest and greatest deep fryers are controlled digitally, but they set users back a whopping. Making a long story short, an electric deep fryer takes quite a while to heat the oil as compared to propane counterparts.

  • Capacity

When it comes to buying a deep fryer, it’s mandatory to think about what kind of food you want to fry mostly. If you are looking for frying snacks for your family, a countertop deep fryer is a great option, and if you tend to host parties as well as serve deep-fried fish, it’s then better to look for a large model.

  • Safety

Obviously, safety is the most important feature to consider whenever you’re in the market or look for deep fryers online. Normally, electric deep fryers are safe. They come with quite a few extra features, such as automatic shutoff if oil reaches an extra higher temperature.

Besides, you should look for one with a cool-touch exterior as it’ll help you avoid accidental burns. Generally, follow all the mentioned instructions with extra care and avoid overfilling oil and monitor the temperature always. If you are using a propane deep fryer, it’s a great idea to keep a fire extinguisher nearby to avoid serious damages.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning a deep fryer is not fun, and there is no doubt in it. Although there are plentiful models that come with attachments that are safe for the dishwasher, but you’ll still need to perform an awkward job of oil drainage. Optimally, look for a deep fryer that is easy for your life with a detachable oil or drainage device.

Where to Buy for Less?

A handsome range of Australian stores and retailers offer Aussies a number of discounts, promotions, and deals on deep fryers to shop at the lowest possible price. However, you can go further miles by digging down into price comparison, which is considered as the best money-saving feature to help you save significantly. We at Paylessdeal have gathered a wide range of information from well-recognised and reputable brands, including Amazon, for your convenience to compare Deep Fryers Prices and purchase one from your favourite online store at unmatched rates. Let’s admit that whenever it comes to buying anything online through price comparison, it doesn’t only take you to the lowest possible prices but save a big too.