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In an increasingly commonplace and conventional world, DedaElementiAustralia asserts its way of designing and designing components for competition bikes. Whether you go out of your home to go or go for a ride with your friends, Deda Elementi is the perfect companion for comfortable journeys.

Deda manufactures handlebars, stems and other components for your bike with the same care and passion as you take care of yourself. Combining rigour, innovations and know-how, it presents itself as a real reference for cyclists concerned with manufacturing quality, reliability and performance.

Deda – Brand Overview

Deda Elementi is an Italian company that designs and manufactures components for competitive bicycles with the same passion that a cyclist puts into his sport. It is a company with more than ten years of experience that has managed to meet the needs and demands of its customers. Its work team is made up of engineers, professional mechanics and experienced world-class cyclists. It offers innovative designs with the use of advanced materials.

This company designs and manufactures high-quality stems, handlebars, aerobars, transmissions and cycling accessories suitable for recreational cycling professionals. He affirms his way of thinking about the design of components for racing bicycles.

DEDA Elementi takes the mechanisms utterly, and they put the same experience and engineering on the parts for the champions as on the most important bike in the world. When producing a variety of handlebars, stems, wheels and other components for your bike, whether professional or recreational, all that DEDA Elementi asks you is that you are passionate about cycling like them.

DEDA: High-quality Peripherals

Deda Elementi, an Italian brand renowned for the quality of its peripheral components. Its product is primarily focused on the practice of road cycling, the cyclo-cross bike and triathlon bike. Deda offers especially for road bike handlebars, the gallows road bike and seatposts alloy or carbon.

In terms of time trials, lenticular wheels, triathlon hangers and Deda triathlon extenders are among the most popular components for triathletes of all levels. The Italian manufacturer is also developing a range of carbon bicycle wheels and versatile wheels in a variety of cross-sections and profile heights. The brand has high-quality accessories such as bike cage door, the ribbon hanger, fund tube-type wheels and wheel covers complement the range of products teaches.

Wide Variety of Deda Products

The Deda catalogue develops to cover the needs of all categories of cyclists. The Deda road bike handlebars are available in a wide range of shapes and geometries, both models of carbon or alloy at our online store. The same goes for Deda seatposts, compatible with most standard road bike frames and road bike saddles of the market.

Deda triathlon extenders are also available in several varieties of configurations and geometries corresponding to the riding style of each triathlete. Whatever the product, quality and rigour of manufacturing remain at the heart of the manufacturer's concern, allowing them to align with the biggest brands in the cycle, such as Fizik, Bontrager and Profile Design.

Deda Elementi product range

The combination of design and innovation is what makes DEDA Elementi stand out, creating products with attractive designs and using state-of-the-art materials. Its classification of products is typical of the brand, such as Superleggera, alanera or trentacinque.

Its products, such as DEDA handlebars and DEDA seatposts are reliable and durable products that are manufactured following widely contrasted construction processes.

Their specialization in specific bicycle components means that they have been able to develop tremendously specialized and reliable products, with weight characteristics and enviable diameters for the competition.

We will discuss the highlights of some of their products below.


The speciality of the house is the road handlebars, innovative design, materials and a first-class manufacturing process that result in a first-class product, which has the guarantee of providing very agile movements in the hands of cyclists.

Superleggera DEDA Handlebar

The DEDA Superleggera handlebar, built with HR40 carbon fibre and a special unidirectional resin combine to produce a very compact compound that reduces weight and guarantees high technical performance. Its weight is 180 grams, and its 40T carbon bar with a modern RHM shape (Quick hand movement) has a diameter of 31.7 mm.

DEDA Superleggera 35

Its most recent model is the DEDA Superleggera 35, also made of HR40 carbon fibre with the modern RHM shape, has a diameter of 35mm and weighs 180 grams, ready to win in the stages of the grand tour and the most important races. Its carbon component is combined with nanotechnology resin with molecular screen to provide more excellent resistance.

DEDA Elementi powers

Although DEDA has specialized deeply in the manufacture of handlebars and seatposts for the bicycle, we find other components of the brand of exceptional quality, such as the powers for handlebars Zero two or Trentacinque. Additional accessories with supreme built quality are the SL30 DB wheels and the SL HERO, and also handlebar tapes and other accessories.

The specialization has made DEDA one of the leading brands in the construction of handlebars and seatposts for road bikes, as well as other quality components. The result of their work is exceptional and guaranteed genuine parts.

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