Darn Tough is a family-owned business founded almost 40 years back and since then, it has been striving hard to offer its customers premium quality all-weather performance socks with an unconditional guarantee. Although the journey began from the Green Mountains of Vermont but now thanks to its Darn Tough is known throughout the world as a manufacturer of comfortable, best fitting and durable socks, available in the markets worldwide. When it comes to Darn Tough in Australia, the brand has got you covered with a wide range of socks for Ski, hike, snowboard, run, bike and work socks at unmatched rates.

The reason behind their popularity and high-quality socks is high-density knitting. Darn Tough knits several loops per inch as compared to any other sock to produce a thick pad which offers protection without letting you feel bulky. Socks with a smaller loop stitch practically flop and compress the loops. Then your socks feel flat, hard and wear away with ease. Due to the fact that the loops inside a Darn Tough sock are so tightly packed, they cannot flop over and hold their coating for a long time.

Besides, all products available at their official Darn Tough Store are guaranteed without any condition. So, if you feel that your socks aren’t as comfortable as you expected, simply return them the pair and they will send you another pair of socks without any condition.

Product Categories


Surprisingly enough, Darn Tough Sale and promotions throughout the year allow you to get your hands on your favourite product at prices that are matchless. They have an outstanding range of products under different categories to choose from. Some of the best products are as follow:

Legendary Darn Tough building is not an option for the failure of machinery. Trail fit does not mean bunching, sliding, blisters. Side winds have higher breathability.

Made to withstand the rigours of the road, it smiles on a layer of comfort. In the heart of many discerning hikers, this humble sock has won a healed spot. Discover yourself in the trail story.

The "1466" hiker raised the bar between the AT and Pacific Crest Trail on the ultimate hiking hat. Every year, multiple thru-walkers claim that this sturdy sock is the only way to take on the rigour of the trail really.

A big hike can be bulky stuff to plan. The Heady Stripe is extremely robust, extremely comfortable and always in the bag.

You better get the right way if you redesign one of the most common socks in the line. Increased breathing capacity with mesh panels at the top of the foot, a new flat, eternally positioned ribbing top and extended coil-over Achilles – only a variety of heavy additions to one of the lightest hiking socks there.

For those who like it most, the walker does more. Trail fit does not mean bunching, sliding, blisters. Side winds have higher breathability. Never backs the famous Darn Tough construction down – it goes further and further.

Clever, snug and strong, much like this sock's wise woodland animals. Designed for daily experiences and inspirational moments in life.

In the hearts of many a wanderer who demand more from a hat, this Micro Crew has been created to have a hallowed place. Comfort, long-lasting and beautiful suit.

The traditional mid-calf you love all about durability, efficiency and comfort but with an ammo dollop on the bottom of the boot.

Where to Buy for Less?

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