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A musical instrument strings and accessories manufacturer name D’Addario in Australia is primarily known for guitars as well as many others fretted and orchestral instruments. The company is currently headquartered in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York but offering its products and instruments throughout the world including Australia via its distributors and suppliers.

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DAddario LE018 Plain Steel Loop End Sing...


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DAddario CG030 Flat Wound Electric Guita...


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DAddario KPL009 Soldered Twist Reinforce...


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DAddario Kaplan Cello Strings Set 44 Sca...


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DAddario NYXL1059 Nickel Wound 7String E...


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DAddario EPN115 Pure Nickel Electric Gui...


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Daddario Planet Waves Glass Slide Large


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DAddario Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar S...


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DAddario Helicore 44 Size Violin Strings...


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DAddario EJ61 Nickel 5String Banjo Strin...


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La Bella S942 Electric Guitar Strings Do...


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DAddario Prelude Double Bass String Set...


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DAddario EFX160 Flexsteels Long Scale Ba...


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DAddario DZ314 Zyex Series Violin Single...


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DAddario Prelude Violin Strings Set 18 S...


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DAddario EFT16 Flat Tops Phosphor Bronze...


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DAddario EXL150 Nickel Wound Light 12Str...


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DAddario EJ91 BaglamasTzouras String Set...


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DAddario EPS490 E9th Pedal Steel Guitar...


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4 sets DAddario EXL117 Med TopExtraHvy B...


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DAddario EXL1163D Nickel Wound Electric...


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4 Pack DAddario EXL140 Nickel Electric G...


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4 sets DAddario EXL145 Nickel Heavy Elec...


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2 x DAddario EXL110 electric strings 1 x...


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Alongside guitars and orchestral instruments, D’Addario is producing and distributing a wide range of musical accessories under the same brand name. Some of the best products of D’Addario are named capos, electronic tuners, cables, straps, picks, slides, drum sticks, woodwind instruments and more. Since its inception, D’Addario is committed to providing musicians with innovative and dazzling musical accessories around the world.

Thanks to their exceptional material, machines as well as manufacturing processes, D’Addario didn’t stop dreaming of excellent ways to take their customers’ expectations to the next level. At their official D’Addario Store online, they are offering a handsome range of new products and interestingly, they are continually imagining new ways to inspire musicians in every corner of the world.

D’Addario Product Categories

  • Guitars
  • Percussion
  • Orchestral
  • Woodwinds
  • Accessories
  • Players Circle & more

D’Addario Products

With the availability of D'Addario Sale, Promotion, customers are encouraged to grab their favourite guitars and other musical instruments without having to spend much. D'Addario provides not only outstanding products but super-fast and excellent customer services as well. Some of the popular offerings from D'Addario are:

  • XT Nickel

D'Addario XT Nickel electric cords combine increased brushing strength and pitch stability with advanced treatment to prevent corrosion so that your sound never goes anywhere.

  • Nickel Bronze

The uncoated acoustic strings of D'Addario Nickel Bronze are special tonal features of the guitar, allowing it to really shine its natural sound.

  • Phosphor Bronze

The acoustic guitar strings of D'Addario Phosphor Bronze send you an acoustic tone warm and well-balanced.

  • D'Addario Mandolin 11-40 Medium Set

Bronze strings combine the most common mandolin material, with advanced treatment for corrosion resistance on each string in the package, retaining the natural sound of the string and the feel of uncoated strings. Accessible in heavy medium, custom, and small scale.

  • D'Addario Mandolin 11-39 Medium Set

EFT74 is a set of Phosphor Bronze Mandolin medium gauge top strings. Flat Top strings are precision flooring, which provides a smooth, flattering playing surface, without compromising tone and supporting Phosphor Bronze round wound strings.

  • D'Addario Mandolin 10-34 Light Set

The EJ62 is a band of 80/20 bronze mandolin strings. 80/20 Bronze is a common recording allocation because of its snap, soft, sophisticated sound, and appeal to many traditionalists and antique enthusiasts for their historical significance. It was introduced in the 1930s by John D'Addario Sr. and John D'Angelico.


  • Cables
  • Capos
  • Tuners
  • Picks and Pick Holders
  • Loknob
  • Custom Picks
  • Straps
  • Strap Locks
  • Humidification
  • Care & Maintenance Tools
  • Hand Fitness
  • Guitar Hardware
  • Mic Stand Accessory System
  • Backline Gear Pack Slides
  • Hearing Protection
  • Acoustic Sound Control
  • Manuscript Paper & more

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