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Cytosport Australia is one of the best protein and nutrition brands in the world, famous for its exceptional taste of proteins and Muscle Milk available in fabulous flavours. Flavours like blueberries or banana cream, Muscle Milk remains today the absolute benchmark for protein in the world.

To integrate the market, well supplied with merchants, Cytosport has placed great emphasis on the quality and originality of the products. Thanks to the Muscle Milk product that Cytosport has managed to make itself known through an efficient and particularly useful protein.

But the Cytosport range does not stop at Muscle Milk. Cyto Gainer is based on a unique mass gain formula based on the best nutrients while some brands are still distributing a basic fat gain formula. Cyto Gainer is unique, and it is also the first gainer on the market to contain high quality concentrated whey protein.

Brand Overview

Cytosport is among the best known American brands in the world because of its enviable protein range. Cytosport was born in 1998 as a family business and thanks to products such as Complete Whey, Cyto Gainer and Muscle Milk, it has become widely used among athletes.

CytoSport quickly joined the ranks of the major sports nutrition brands in the United States. Two years after its foundation, CytoSport created Muscle Milk, the high-quality protein powder that revolutionised sports nutrition with its impressive amino acid profile and unmatched flavour.

Since then, CytoSport continued to achieve more significant successes as they kept the development of high-performance training supplements throughout the years that followed.

2006 was a milestone in the history of CytoSport as they forged an official partnership with USC (University of Southern California),to help their athletes in recovery and muscle repair. A year later, they achieved NSF Certified, consolidating their commitment to the production of sports nutrition supplements that are 100% safe and free of doping substances.

CytoSport's reputation for superior quality products led them to another vital partnership in 2010, this time with the Chicago Cubs, which serves as a premium source of excellent protein for their athletes. Delicious flavour, result-oriented quality and award-winning sports nutrition, CytoSport is everything!

Muscle Milk: Discover the CytoSport line of supplements

Muscle Milk, produced by CytoSport, is one of the best known protein-rich supplements on the market. Offered globally, the product generated several controversies when it launched with the premise that it emulated the nutrients of breast milk.

A marketing strategy or nutritional methodology, the fact is that Muscle Milk became famous for its excellent results by providing the ability to develop muscles at a low-fat rate.

One of its main differentials is the different nutritional profile concerning other products on the market. Unlike other products that isolate the nutrients offered, Muscle Milk thinks about the broadest supply - especially useful for the bulking phase.

In addition to being rich in protein, it has a good dose of carbohydrates and fats, which is ideal for developing mass quickly. Learn more about Muscle Milk, and how it can help you gain muscle mass:

Muscle Milk Line

Whenever someone talks about "Muscle Milk", they are not necessarily referring to a specific product. The brand has a whole line of products, which can be offered in shakes, bars and powder, in different portions, flavours and calorie levels - including a light line.

Mass gain

One of the primary uses of Muscle Milk is, without a doubt, the potential mass gain it offers. Rich in proteins and calories, it is an excellent supplement for the bulking phase, where the priority is volume growth.

It can be used before and after training, and - in three daily doses - can add up to 900 calories to the diet. These additional calories will undoubtedly make a difference in mass gain, making life easier for those who have difficulty in the process.

Reduction of oxidative damage

When we think of supplements to gain muscle mass, internal health is generally not a high priority. The good news is that Muscle Milk is rich in antioxidants, which guarantees significant prevention of degenerative diseases.

The effect of antioxidants is to reduce the action of free radicals, responsible for genetic damage to cells and, in most cases, diseases resulting from cellular mutations, such as cancer. These effects are obtained through the richness of nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E.

General Nutritional Supplement

If you compare Muscle Milk to ordinary whey, for example, you will find that it is less concentrated in protein. In comparison to fast-absorbing carbohydrates, such as dextrose, for example, it is also less dense. The same can be said about multivitamins and products specialised in particular nutrients.

None of them, however, is as efficient in providing a complete growth kit as Muscle Milk. It guarantees a product rich in a series of requirements, saving the need to purchase a small pharmacy to have an adequate supplementation.

New Monster Range

The Cytosport range continues to produce exceptional supplements including Complete Casein, Cytomax, Monster Milk, Monster Pump and Fast Twitch which are at the top of the basket for a long time.

The new Monster range, with Monster Maze, Monster Amino and Monster Mass have renewed the worldwide success of Monster Milk, the first protein to promote endogenous creatine formation with a protein composed on the model of breast milk.

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