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Cycloc Australia

Cycloc Australia designs innovative storage systems for bicycles. Besides, the brand's offer also includes accessories for storing helmets and straps to support trouser legs, which protect against dirt. Cycloc products are extremely stylish and durable because of its high build quality. They are great as a decorative addition. The most popular Cycloc products are Solo, Loop, Wrap, hero, Super Hero and Endo.

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Cycloc is a British company based in London. The brand has been awarded many times in product design categories. It is a producer of bicycle holders and winning awards since its creation based on its design, innovation and ultra-durability.

Thanks to Cycloc Australia, you will no longer have problems arranging your bike in the garage. You can easily mount it in the room on the wall. Different colours will allow you to match it with the colour of the walls, and the stylish appearance means that interior architects use it. A cramped apartment will never be a problem in storing your bike!

Cycloc – Philosophy & Motive

The philosophy of the Cycloc brand is to design products allowing anyone passionate about cycling to integrate their bike into interior spaces simply and elegantly. Therefore, the brand's wall mount bicycle storage products allow for elegant and effortless bicycle storage. They make the bicycle look more like a work of art than an object of movement.

With the launch of the first product, the Solo rack, in 2006, Cycloc triggered a change in the way people store their bikes. Many product models for storing bikes, wall mounts and accessories have further expanded the product range.

The brand motive was so simple which was to design the cycling products that meet the needs of cyclist, add more versatility in their lives and bringing them easiness and comfort.

Bringing a change in people life they starting manufacturing the cycling storage products and accessories and within a few years, the brand was known as one of the most valuable brands in terms of Cycling storage & Accessories.

Cycloc – Award-Winning Brand

Cycloc Australia won numerous awards based on its innovative designs and built quality the brand claimed its worth in Cycling, industrial design, Manufacturing, and in Interior design sectors. The young brand with the young enthusiastic team bringing innovation in the market yearly with the best durability, performance, and innovative designs.

Cycloc Australia has won Win Awards “17, IDA design Award, FX (International Interior Design), Design Award, Rad-fahren, Plastic Industry Award and many more.

Brand Overview

Based in a creative district of London, the company benefits from the enthusiasm of its employees who are crazy about cycling. They design all products in-house and manufacture bicycle storage products exclusively in the UK. They are constantly working on improvements as well as new wall mounted bike racks to develop even better products focusing on customer demands. Each customer idea or wish inspires the company to further improve its bicycle storage products.

Super Hero, is one of those products that is manufactured on the request of road cyclist customers that desire to have some gadget or product that would work with clipless pedals. For the brand, customers are the heart of the organization and for that, they decided to bring easiness to the cyclist for bike storage challenges.

Cycloc is today a company active all over the world. Their high-end, easy-to-use and colourful cycle storage solutions perfectly integrate bikes into interior spaces. Discover our range of high-quality wall storage products at our online store and get them at cheap prices.

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