Founded back in 2005, CRZ YOGA in Australia is basically a heath-inspired company with affordable athletic apparel company not only for women but for men as well. Although, the company has been bringing innovation and styles since its inception, but it’s known worldwide for its exceptional customer services as well.

The vision behind the creation of CR YOGA Store online was to offer Aussies a convenient and hassle-free place where men and women both can buy high-quality products without having to spend a fortune. They also help people gain mental and physical health and live a life which is loaded with opportunities.

Besides, CRZ YOGA considers genuine relationships to be important for their guests – therefore, they aspire to build a community hub where people can get connected to their passions and a sharing place for sweat gear and numerous mind-boggling tips for a happier and healthier life.

They’re not only offering leggings at their official online stores but sports bras, workout tanks, running shoes and much more from bottoms to tops. All their clothing items are ideal for sweaty activities such as running, cycling, gym workout, training and so on. 

Product Categories


Interestingly enough, CRZ YOGA Sale and offers allow you to grab your desired product at unbeatable prices from their official online store. They have the trendiest collection of women’s and men’s clothing alongside many other gears. The following are some of the best products:

This sports bra is designed for enthusiasts of hot yoga and fitness. The wicking fabrics can withstand extreme sweat, and the low-cut front gives adhesive skin space for fast drying.

This bra is perfect for all yoga, Pilates, dance and fitness styles! Similar to a type of bath-suit, it dries quickly to keep your bodies cool, dry and comfortable. Cool cross-straps with fun colours on the back allow you to move easily and help to hold straps.

This bra has pads that can be removed, which give you a natural shape. Wider wrinkles combine to make your shoulder comfortable with fine straps. The mesh fabric panel provides ventilation and is excellent for jogging, Pilates and Yoga’s.

The CRZ YOGA Tank looks sexy and keeps you cool. The respiratory, stiff wear is comfortable to wear throughout the day. Additional support for higher impact sports or activities comes from removable pads.

This legging is light and gives you comfort with strong elasticity. The inside drawing fits you perfectly. Side pockets help you retain everything you can take and other features, including a reflective bottom line and a high tail, give you a comfortable feeling.

The CRZ YOGA Tank looks sexy and keeps you cool. The airy, stretchy textile is easy to wear all day. It offers extra support with its removable pads when carrying out sports or activities with greater effect.

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