Crayola Scoot Nintendo Switch Game

4/5 $0 - $0

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Genre: Action, Sports, Racing, and Arcade

Number of Players: Up to 4 Players

Release Date: October 16, 2018

Publishers: Outright Games

Game Size: 985 MB

Outright games introduce a new game named Crayola Scoot Nintendo Switch in Australia, which was released on October 16, 2018, and still available on physical and online stores. This game relies on a scooter in which users will have to do different stunts using various tricks, and there are colours everywhere which make the world and your route more colourful. So grab your friends and get ready to splash the colours all over the screen.

Price and Availability

Crayola Scoot is an Action and sport-based game which is quite amazing to play because there are colours everywhere and using those colours you can change the world in different possible ways. Crayola Scoot Nintendo Switch price in Australia ranges from $5 to $10 AUD. We have enlisted-in various stores from where you can purchase this fantastic racing and arcade game.

Outright games launched a new action-racing match in which there are several colours are being spread on the track, and all the user have is a scooter to make the road more colourful by doing various stunts on the scoter to score more points. You can add up to three of your friends to join you and make the world bright. You can also customise the character by yourself and rule the world. Perform various and insane scooter tricks to splash the colours all over the track and screen. Upgrade your scooter to add more colours and styles and challenge your friends.