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Leading chefs worldwide always recommend cookers and steamers to cook food in a jiffy without having to compromise health. According to chefs and nutrition professionals, Cookers and Steamers in Australia allow cooking food slowly, which means you get all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Most importantly, vegetables retain their textures and colours, and that’s exactly why most of the homes and restaurants in Australia prefer steamers and cookers for cooking food on a daily basis.

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Cooking through steamers and cookers is very much healthy as no need for any fat such as butter or oil – hence, it’s an advantage and allows your food to be cooked using water vapour only. The cookers and steamers have been recognised as an accessory worldwide – thanks to its plentiful advantages, but with a plethora of options in the market nowadays, it has become almost difficult to decide which one to choose. We have listed down a number of factors and features you should consider and then buy one that actually fulfills your needs.

What to Consider When Buying Cookers & Steamers?

  • Size

Size matters, definitely! The majority of the cookers and steamers are equipped with 3 tier containers alongside holes on the bottom for steam to pass properly without any issue. You’ll have an option whether to use them in combination or separately to ensure that a meal for the whole family is adequately cooking. Moreover, you can rearrange them to vary a temperature when cooking even if you are wearing an oven glove or cloth for extra safety. There are also steamers and cookers that have retractable compartments that create a huge steaming to cook biggest items with ease such as a whole chicken.

Quite a few electric steamers or cookers in Australia come with different-sized containers that can fit each other quite perfectly. This ensures that they are lightweight and compact for storage, but you will have to schedule your time in advance because you won’t be able to swap them around during cooking.

  • Price

We should be thankful to the well-recognised and highly admirable brands in Australia – offering steamers and cookers at the lowest possible prices, which means this product won’t break your bank. However, it’s a smart move to spend a little more and get one with more capacity and a number of extra features like a built-in rice cooker, delayed-start option, digital timer, and much more.

  • Water Levels

It’s quite perfect for getting your hands on those steamers or cookers that comprise a visible water gauge on the outside as it would help you fill the water accurately for food. Normally, steamers don’t run out of the water and start beeping if it happens. So, you can add some extra water while cooking. Most of the steam cookers are loaded with an external bowl, which means you can add extra water when cooking without the need to remove a cooker and risk scalding.

  • Timers

Most of the steamers and cookers in the Australian market have a dial timer of 60 minutes to set a time for your cooking. Digital timers and launch-in features are most costly, which enable a cooker or steamer to start operating later in the day at a specified time.

  • Keep-Warm Functions

Always choose a steam cooker with a warm feature as this feature keeps your food warm until you’re ready to eat – even after an hour or two after cooking. There are some models that shift to this mode automatically when cooking is done, while others need to have this cooking feature. Well, you will need to make sure that ample water is left in the steamer to use this function.

  • Rice Cookers

If you go for a costly one, they are equipped with a rice bowl, which is a small steam platter that sits in the steam bowl so you can steam rice with ease. The cooking of rice can take quite long, but the end results are smooth.

  • Cleaning

Many kitchen appliances are difficult to clean, and unfortunately, cookers and steamers are no exception. The best electric steam cookers not only perfectly steam food, but they also give preference to cleaning. Always choose a model that comes with decks, dishwasher-safety compartments, and a removable drip tray to facilitate washing.

Cookers & Steamers Prices

In Australia, cookers & steamers usually cost anywhere between AU$99 to AU$299 whereas some of them go as high as AU$499 with plentiful impressive features. Although you can choose from a beautiful selection of cookers and steamers online from various stores, we at Paylessdeal worked hard to allow you to compare prices and shop for the best at unbeatable prices. This platform is particularly designed for those who always want to shop for less without having to compromise on quality. Here, you can easily compare the rates of cookers & steamers and buy your favourite product at unequalled rates.