Founded back in 2005, Controlled Labs in Australia, alongside many other countries in the world, has been providing the highest quality products to the customers without leaving a dent on their wallet. Very much unlike other companies or brands, Controlled Labs didn’t make any unusual statement – but standing by a performance of its product in real-life scenarios. Since its inception, the company’s products are manufactured in a GMP accredited sports facility.

It doesn’t mean that the consistency first occurs when their supplements are processed – but also that no forbidden or illegal hormones are produced in the plant – and therefore, no risk of cross-contamination. This is critical not only for athletes who test products but also for recreational users because of the possible health risk associated with undeclared hormone.

Finally, all products available at Controlled Labs Store online are tested thoroughly, such as soft drinks. The reason why it should be your first choice is their results, value, quality, and taste in Sports Nutrition Supplementation.

Alongside high-quality and tasty supplements and other products, Controlled Labs always strive to provide its customers with an excellent online shopping experience in Australia. They ensure 24 hours availability for the highest convenience of customers. Moreover, flexible shipping options are being provided, which is, indeed, a big enough aid.


The ease of access to Controlled Labs Sale and promotions throughout the year enable Aussies to get their desired supplements and other products without having to spend a fortune. The company doesn’t only offer products to stand out – but also super-fast and excellent customer services. Some of the best products are as follow:

Orange Triad has been designed for the serious athlete! Serious athletes are exceptional because they purposely put unbelievable tension in their bodies by exercise and cardio. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments take more time to recover, so you can't exercise as often as you want. Nutritional support is necessary if your training is to produce optimum results.

Orange HealthIQ is a completely open-label, fully dosed, full-body health supplement. It contains 19 different ingredients supporting seven main organisms and 14 health benefits! Orange HealthIQ was designed for the athlete; it is not an ordinary overall health formula. Athletes break down their bodies continuously to improve and tune them every day. This formula promotes 14 different health benefits in conjunction with the workout.

Orange OxiMega Greens is the first of its kind, a true sports greens product. This product is not commonly used for greens; it has further complexes aimed at real athletes. The "Cardi Oxidant Blend" is filled with fruits and verbs proven to help people exercise with a balanced cardiovascular system and perseverance.

GlycerGrow 2 is a cell volumizer that is simple and effective. GlycerGrow 2 puts together an exclusive and synergistic combination of high-quality ingredients, which supports cell length, supports the osmotic effects of creatine, and enhances the weightlifting's normal anabolic reactions. This product helps to improve consumer height, power, and vascularity when paired with a high protein/moderate carbohydrate diet and a solid exercise regimen.

White Flash is the leading pump producer of VASO6, a natural product patented. White Flash includes nine other ingredients in addition to VASO6, intended to improve blood flow, increase focus, and provide massive levels of energy. More nitric oxide contributes to relaxation in the bloodstream. It is useful for the delivery of more oxygen into the muscle, as well as nutrient supply to improved ATP output and strength. This is tantamount to improved gym performance.

Explore the "holy grail" for body-building, and sports performance improved: maximizing lean gains and fat loss while promoting recovery. Purple Wraath was designed to be the full EAA/BCAA product in the market and to keep your body in anabolic condition and to keep you working hard with its additional super resistance.

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