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More and more Mobile Phones in Australia are hitting stores with a wide number of the latest and greatest options at highly competitive prices.

Alcatel 1S 2020

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Alcatel 1V 2020

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Apple iPhone 11

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro 512GB.....

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64gb.....

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Apple iPhone 12

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Apple iPhone 12 mini

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max M.....

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Apple iPhone 13

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Apple iPhone 13 512GB

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Apple iPhone 13 Mini

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Apple iPhone 13 Mini 128G.....

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Apple iPhone 13 Mini 256G.....

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro 128GB

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro 256GB

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Apple iPhone 6s

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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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Apple iPhone 7

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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Apple iPhone 8 Mobile Pho.....

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Apple iPhone SE

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Apple iPhone X

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Almost every individual has a smartphone in his/her hands nowadays. Having an outstanding smartphone means it’ll take the place of your camera, entertain you on the go and leave you with a plentiful battery even after the busiest day. More and more Mobile Phones in Australia are hitting stores with a wide number of the latest and greatest options at highly competitive prices. Still, choosing the best phone for your needs seems a daunting job – thanks to the wide range of options from well-recognised brands.

Fortunately, you can check our extensive smartphone buying guide that particularly helps beginners to always stay smart and make wise decisions.

Factors to Consider

A lot of information is required to shop for the Best Smartphones in Australia at the most affordable prices. Here is a list of factors or aspects to consider before purchasing so that you don't end up purchasing something you don't really need.

  • RAM & Processor

The processor of a smartphone can also be called a SOC or Chipset. It works as the brain of the phone – therefore, the importance of this component cannot be overlooked. A capable enough processor can allow your phone to function flawlessly and seamlessly. The well-famous processors include Qualcomm Snapdragon, Kirin 990, Exynos 990 for Android, and Apple A13 Bionic for Apple iPhones.

Onto RAM, it refers to System Memory which plays a vital role in multitasking and gaming. Having a phone with at least 4GB or 6GB of RAM means you can go through smooth and glitch-free multitasking as well as graphics-enriched gaming.

  • Display

Smartphones are available in the biggest display sizes. It's now very simple to find a phablet with a display of around 6.9 inches. However, we suggest going for a phone with 5.7-inches or above to take your entertainment to new heights. Moreover, quite a few Cheap Mobile Phones in Australia comprise an IPS LCD technology whereas the expensive ones are equipped with AMOLED or Super AMOLED for better colours and content.

  • Onboard Memory

The standard onboard memory in smartphones is 64GB but it goes to a whopping 512GB – depending on the model you choose. We recommend you get your hands on at least 128GB of storage so that you will have enough room for your stuff such as movies, video clips, photos, and files.

  • Battery Life

The average life of a smartphone should be at least 6 hours or more (on-screen time). Any phone with more time than this may cost you more money. Normally, flagship devices and mid-range phones can easily reach 7-9 hours of screen on time, which seems fantastic. Be sure you check the multiple tests of the battery, shared by a number of online sources, to get the idea of which one would be a better option for you.

  • Decide Your Budget

The average Smartphone Prices in Australia have been on the rise and reaching now almost AU$199 to AU$999 whereas flagships from Apple and Samsung may cost more than AU$3000. The more you spend, the better features you get. If you are looking for a features-enriched mobile phone, it may cost significantly, but a phone with basic features, enough RAM, and an average battery doesn’t let you bear a dent in your wallet.

However, you can get a fair and reasonable price for your favourite smartphone if you are familiar with an online price comparison. Comparing prices online helps you get the idea of a general estimated price. And purchasing a smartphone via a price comparison can help you save money.