The Commodore Amiga Consoles were great machines that gave a lot to talk about during the 80s and 90s of the last century. The 1980s and early 1990s were vibrant years for computing. These were the years of the "golden age" of computers. At this time, machines of all kinds appeared, competing with each other, with uneven trajectories. Commodore Amiga Consoles Australia is available online. Here you can find the best Commodore consoles online.

Price and Availability

Amiga was released in 1985, which is still available for gamers who love to play the retro games. Commodore Amiga's consoles price in Australia is near about 1000 AUD. Here above, we have enlisted some of the stores from where you can buy these consoles.

History of Commodore Amiga Consoles

Commodore had no experience in the console market, but it did know a bit about computers thanks to the tremendous success of the Commodore 64 in the 8-bit era. The hardware was completed in no time, but the operating system still needed attention. The solution they adopted was to adopt an existing operating system.

Amiga CD32 was a 32-bit console that was one of the first to exist with that power. There had never been anything so "fat" in Europe until then (we talked about 1993). Unfortunately, the sales did not follow, mainly because most of the catalog corresponded to conversions of games for Amiga 1200, a computer with which shared the same architecture.

One of the machines that tried to win the hearts of users was the Amiga computers. Despite having revolutionary features for their time, they succumbed to compatible ones. The heyday of Atari saw the birth of exciting new projects. There was an engineer named Jay Miner working there, who had helped design some of his greatest hits. For example, he was the creator of the Atari 800, one of his first personal computers.

In 1982 Miner had a vision: to create a video game console with floppy disks and a 16-bit processor. The idea was somewhat utopian for the time. The console itself was intended to serve as its development station. I wanted it to be affordable for most pockets and to make video game programming cheaper.

To explain how the Amiga came to be a part of Commodore, a few things need to be clarified. Let's start with a corporate coup that led to Jack, founder of Commodore, walking out the door. With him went a large part of the engineering staff and bought Atari from Time Warner, its owner at the time.

With Atari in Tramiel's possession, the Amiga loan deal was used as an argument to attack her former company. This got the Commodore interested in Lorraine, so they bought the Amiga in 1984 and paid the $ 500,000 loan for them.

Incidentally, the project changed its name. Lorraine would lose that name and would be renamed Amiga, like the company. They also imposed a deadline: the computer was to go on sale in a year.

How to Play Free Commodore Amiga games

This house is no stranger to emulators on Xbox One and PC; we have published practically everything that comes out to date compatible with the console. Playing machines from the past is a good appetizer, and for this reason, we will never stop bringing this possibility to our readers.

The foundation has uploaded more than 13,000 games from the legendary PC Amiga Commodore; this legendary game machine was a boom for children of the time. This project is powered by the Scripted Amiga emulator that works under HTML5. And what exactly does this mean? Well, you can play it from a web browser like Google Chrome without problems.