Long before the popularity of video game consoles, a few manufacturers led outrageous motion that brought video game-style games to the comfort of our homes. One of these companies, Commodore Business Machines (CBM),went to gold through Commodore 64, and is now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as a single-selling computer model. And now that the revolutionary gaming machine is making a comeback, albeit with modern updates, courtesy of Retro Games. The new and old both of the Commodore 64 console in Australia is available online.

Price and Availability

The C64 console is, at least in looks and size, a replica of your original home computer, including a fully functional keyboard and an updated version of your iconic joystick. But that's where this one departs from its predecessor, in the right way, as it also comes preloaded with 64 classic games and two new versions, has HDMI output for crisp visuals, and comes with a trio of switchable emulation modes. Commodore 64 Console price in Australia ranges from 500 to 1000 AUD. Here above, you can find some of the best deals to buy Commodore 64 consoles

The New Commodore 64 Console

The new C64 console, whose appearance is smaller but with a very similar appearance to the original C64, goes from being the classic computer to become a new gaming platform updated to current systems and image qualities. It will have an HDMI output, expansion port for the cartridge, USB ports, SD card reader, jack connector, and the original keyboard of the c64.

But besides, this project is not only with the desktop version. They also intend to launch the portable console of the C64, the so-called "The 64 SX". Equipment that aims to be versatile for all 64 games and its design also has a remarkable parallel with the aesthetics of its older brother while it presents a more current system.

The Commodore 64 Desktop Console starts with a $150, while the portable version, the 64 SX Portable Console, has a cost of $170. These prices must be added to the rest of the rewards obtained, such as some more options such as the "official" joysticks of the campaign, the pack of both consoles, a limited edition cartridge, or a chrome finish for the most daring, etc.