CK IN2U for Him Cologne by Calvin Klein for Men

4/5 $24 - $26
  • Brand: Calvin Klein
  • Size:                          100ml
  • Product line:              CK IN2U for Him    
  • Product Type:            Eau de Toilette    
  • Fragrance family:      An aromatic Fougere    
  • Top notes:                 Pomelo, tangelo, lime gin fizz    
  • Heart notes:              Pimento, shiso leaves, cacao   
  • Base notes:               Cedarwood, vetiver, musk    
  • Key statement:          Spontaneous. Sexy. Connected

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CK IN2U by Calvin Klein EDT SPRAY 34 OZ TESTER for MEN


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CK IN2U by Calvin Klein EDT SPRAY 34 OZ for MEN


The energy of joyous spontaneity is captured in CK N2U Cologne. This cocktail is an aromatic fougere of exotic spices and starts – a distinct combination of sweet and deliciously sour which will ensnare anyone who comes close. This scent remains true to the genus, each of them known for its biting tarts and high notes of lemon and tomatoes. The core of this fragrance is the sensual cocoa pot, the seed that is ultimately used to produce chocolate. The smell is made up of cedar, white musk and mozy vetiver, which accentuate the currents of chocolate all over.

Top Notes

  • Tomato Leaf
  • Lemon

With top notes, lemon and tomato leaf, this CK IN2U perfume opens. Lemon gives a slightly greener, bitter and slightly astringently sweet undertone to the aromatic nuance of tomatoes.

Middle Notes

  • Cacao Pod

The sensuous cocoa pod is the heart of the Calvin Klein IN2U perfume. The fruit of the cocoa tree, this nuance is complete, sensuous, slightly spicy, bitter and fatty.

Base Notes

  • Vetiver
  • White Musk
  • Cedar

The basic notes of vetiver, cedar, and white musk form the basis of this strong and masculine aroma. Vetiver and cedar from the woody group lend a musty, dry, timber fragrance with bitter chocolate and smoke. White musk, on the other hand, is a marvelous animal note that creates a basis for the rest of the composition's aromatic shades and shades.


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