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Citizen Watch, the company was founded in Japan in 1918 by Japanese Jeweller Kamekichi Yamazaki with the name of Shokosha Watch. In 1925 launched a trendy pocket watch, which was called Citizen, after that the company adopted the new name.

Citizen Watches Australia is today one of the largest watch manufacturers, the world leader in technology and number one in movement sales. In 1995, it revolutionised watchmaking with the ECO-DRIVE system, a solar clock in which photovoltaic cells were located in the lower part of the sphere and receive the light through a translucent panel, in this way the area does not limit the designs.

Brand Overview

The Citizen Watch brand already has a history of almost a century. Founded in 1918 under the name of Shokosha Watch Research Institute, it was not until 1924 that Citizen offered for sale a pocket watch under the name of Citizen. Due to its great success, the same year the company changed its name to Citizen Watch, a name officially registered in 1930.

Another contribution of Citizen to watchmaking and diving was the launch of the AQUALAND JP-2000 in 1985, still used today by many professional divers for its excellent reliability. Special mention should make of the Citizen-Miyota movements they incorporate prestigious brands to their movements.

Although the Citizen brand specialises in all types of watches, & its models are mainly characterised by the fact that they designed for sports enthusiasts.

Timeline History

1924: The first Citizen watch is born; it is a pocket model that was named Citizen by the mayor at that time of Tokyo, Mr Shimpei Goto.

1931: Citizen produces its first men's wristwatch.

1956: Parashock in June 1956 Citizen organised an exhibition to demonstrate the degree of shock resistance of the PARA SHOCK model watch, dropping one of these watches from a helicopter in flight.

1958: Citizen manufactures the first Japanese alarm clock.

1959: Citizen produces the first waterproof Japanese watch.

1963: Para water. In the year 1963 Citizen decided to do a new experiment to demonstrate the water-resistance of "Parawater", the first Japanese waterproof watch, introduced in the market in 1959. The test consisted of attaching several clocks to the keel of a ship, launched in the Pacific Ocean from the top of the boat.

1965: Citizen was the first in the world to manufacture a watch with an extra-flat calendar: thickness 4.48mm.

1976: Citizen makes the world's first solar-powered watch.

1978: The Citizen Quartz 790 is the first extra-flat watch with a thickness of less than 1 mm

1980: Citizen performs the smallest analogue quartz movement for women's watches; its dimensions were: 9 x 7 x 2m.m.

1985: Citizen presents the Promaster Aqualand model, the first waterproof watch with an electronic depth sensor.

1989: The brand makes the Promaster Alti-Crono: the first professional watch with altimeter.

1994: Citizen presents the Hyper Aqualand: the first watch for divers with the function of transmitting data to a PC through an Interface.

1995: Citizen launches the Chrono Eco-Drive: the world's first multifunction watch powered by the infinite light load.

1998: Citizen Eco-Drive Duo is born, the world's first watch, which uses two energy sources for its operation: light energy and mechanical or kinetic energy.

1999: Citizen presents Eco-Drive Thermo, the clock that obtains the energy necessary for its operation of the temperature difference between the body and the environment.

1985: Launch of the Citizen Aqualand watch, the world's first equipment for divers, with an electronic depth gauge.

1991: Launch of the Analog Aqualand watch, the first watch for divers with an analogue depth gauge.

1995: Launch of the Eco-Drive watch, which dispenses batteries, as it uses all light sources to power its load.

1998: Launch of the "Promaster Eco-Drive Duo" watch, which captures solar energy through the movement of the wrist, and the Eco-Drive Aqualand, a watch for divers that works with light energy.

2000: The brand decides to operate directly in the Brazilian market and now holds more than 50% of Brasciti (Indústria e Comércio de Watches da Amazônia SA).

2001: Citizen Navihawk is launched, which calculates the fuel consumption and speed of a boat. The Skyhawk also created, the functions of the Navihawk and Eco-Drive, and the Cyber Aqualand, which stores the dive data, alerts about depth and temperature.

2002: Citizen Ladies collections launched, with Chrono Alarm, Elegância and Promaster Petit.

2004: Citizen takes control over its operations in Brazil through a subsidiary in São Paulo, becoming the only multinational in the watchmaking sector with a factory in Brazil.

2006: Launch of the commemorative model at Aqualand's 20th anniversary, with new functions. In that year, the Black Line also appeared.

Citizen Eco-Drive

Citizen and Eco-Drive have now become synonymous. It is pure technology but wrapped in the fine muslin of the most desirable models. As long as there is light, your Citizen will run without problems.

The Japanese giant has instilled even more amazing features in its Eco-Drive pivot technology which operates on GPS and atomic signals. It helps to detect the time, including universal time, in its most precise form. For professionals, a whole range is available that works in all circumstances, such as in air, deep, or undersea.

For those who want the same class of excellence at a reduced cost, there are the brand's simple quartz-battery watches, as well as mechanical watches, which are becoming scarce in recent times.

Spectacular Watches for Men & Women

For men and women, the brand offers a wide variety of analogue models including a stopwatch, a chronograph from 1 to 20 seconds, a calendar and an alarm. Also, its models are made of reinforced titanium and are very resistant to shocks, while being able to submerge them more than 30 meters deep without fear that the watch will damage by pressure.

But it's not the only thing offered by the Citizen Watches Australia Store. For those who prefer a watch that shines on the wrist, they have models with leather straps and steel spheres, with simpler designs with which only the clock indicates the time.

They also think of business people who have to travel continuously to other countries and need to control not only the time spent there but also their home. So they have duplicate Citizen Watch models, as well as a perpetual calendar that marks the day you are. Some models even mark the week and the year.

Do you need anything else to make this watch even more special? Well, it also has an incredible energy-saving function, with a charge reserve of up to 2 years, so that the owner no longer has to worry. All models have different belt designs to meet customers' requirements. If you don't like the leather strap, you can order titanium, silver or two-tone steel and, in an instant, you will have your watch ready to be placed on the strap.

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