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Originally from Whistler, British Columbia, Chromag Australia is the quintessential Core brand, offering superb ATV components, manufactured and machined in Canada. The company has been enriched by Canadian Chromag Bikes - a manufacturer of excellent steel frames and various cockpit elements, which supports such cycling freestyle stars as Coastal Crew or Brandon Semenuk.

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Chromag - Brand History

The creators of Chromag were unsuccessfully looking for a rigid frame that would offer modern geometry, bulletproof durability and compatibility with the latest forks, brakes or wide tires.  At the very beginning, he talked about how he came to Whistler and started working at the Evolution Bike Shop. One of Evolution's owners at the time, Ian Ritz, is the founder of Chromag, while Tyler helped him develop products early on.

The story of Chromag began in 2002, when Jan Ritz, a free-rider and owner of a bike shop in Whistler, met the iconic welder Mike Trulaw, who by then had twenty years of experience in welding frames and prototypes for Canadian bike manufacturers.

Ian and Mike decided to try to weld a few freeride hardtails - there was a steady demand among riders for such frames with a complete lack of supply. As a result, Ian was so carried away by the process that he sold the bike shop and went headlong into the creation of frames and components. So that’s how Chromag appeared.

Initially, the brand's products were primarily aimed at local riders, since in Vancouver and Whistler there was a steady demand for both frames and components, and our factory, located right there, allowed us to translate new ideas into metal quickly.

However, gradually riders from other regions of the country became interested in Chromag products - by that time the bear logo had already become a sign of the quality of the thing on which it was applied. Jan’s position - to create pieces of iron on which you can ride for years in the most severe conditions, turned out to be correct and remains to this day.

Twelve years later, Chromag Australia is still a small company, and Ian still believes that we need not increase the range and volume, but to focus on the quality of each specific item released by Chromag.  For example, every takeaway, including Jan himself, who is still not averse to tinkering with pieces of iron on occasion (Tyler, a rider and another co-owner of Chromag in the background, set up his Turner DHR)

As a result, Chromag annually produces 250-300 frames, several hundred outriggers, steering wheels, pedals, stars and other components - not very similar to the conveyor production of many brands, right? However, it is precisely for this reason that products with a bear logo are so much appreciated among fans of hard skating and beautiful pieces of iron in America and Europe.

Chromag Top-rated products

At the same time, Chromag also supports riders - Brandon Semenyuk, the Coastal Crew team, and slow stylers, are testers and users of the company's components. The most popular of them for several years remains Fubar OSX, which has become a cult among fans of downhill and freeride.

The secret to the popularity of OSX is simple - they are reliable, very convenient and have many colour options. Steering wheel width - 780mm, lift 25mm, weight 310g.

The most versatile takeaway in the lineup is the Ranger. It is milled at the Chromag factory in Whistler from solid aluminium ingots and comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Appointment - all-mountain, enduro, freeride, dirt, street, etc. Do not forget about the pedals. Scarab is the well-deserved pride of Chromag. They are not the lightest, but they have an impressive platform size - 110x105mm. Problems to find the pedal after removing the legs, for example, in turn, will not arise for sure.

Chromag's flagship products are steel hardtail frames designed for rough riding. It all started with them, and they constitute the essential segment of the offer. Chromag makes its frames from Chro-Mo steel class 4130, i.e. high-strength low-alloy steel recognized for many years as the best steel for the production of bicycle frames. Among the frames, you will find a light Sakura, enduring Stylus or hardcore Monk. The wide range of Chromag frames will surely satisfy many hardtail lovers.

Freestyle is gaining more attention, and the term is no longer just about driving style. More and more riders are looking for products that will allow them to stand out from the crowd, and their equipment will add mandatory bling.

Buy Chromag Products Online

Chromag is a brand that has always listened to the bicycle "street" and was founded based on a simple rule - "From riders to riders". Therefore, for years, more products joined the frames. Currently, the Canadian company also offers complete bicycle dashboards of various weight classes. The Chromag range includes handlebars, bridges, saddles and Seatposts, and the offer is supplemented with saddle and wheel callipers.

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