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Chloe 90ML EDT L SP

$ 53.54

Chloe Love 75ml EDP L SP

$ 125.35

Chloe Intense 50ml EDP L SP

$ 116.18

Chloe Love Eau Intense 75ml ED...

$ 105.35

Chloe See By Chloe Eau Fraiche...

$ 33.99

Chloe Love Eau Florale 75ml ED...

$ 95.35

Chloe Chloe 30ml EDP L SP

$ 72.18

Chloe Chloe 75ml Tester EDP L...

$ 95.08

Chloe Love Story Eau De Parfum...

$ 153.00

Chloe Sunglasses CE 2147S 717

$ 333.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CE 2733 829

$ 206.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CE 2740 771

$ 224.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CE 2742 204

$ 224.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CE 2740 035

$ 224.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CE 2148V 780

$ 210.60

Chloe Eyeglasses CH0022O 007

$ 357.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CH0005O 003

$ 258.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CH0006O 003

$ 258.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CH0011O 002

$ 279.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CH0013O 001

$ 279.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CH0013O 004

$ 279.00

Chloe Sunglasses CH0001S 003

$ 315.00

Chloe Sunglasses CH0041S 004

$ 506.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CH0023O 003

$ 300.00

Chloe Sunglasses CH0030S 004

$ 449.00

Chloe Sunglasses CH0031S 002

$ 449.00

Chloe Sunglasses CE 738S 035

$ 292.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CH0032O 002

$ 369.00

Chloe Sunglasses CH0045S 004

$ 449.00

Chloe Sunglasses CC 0004S Kids...

$ 150.00

Chloe Sunglasses CC 0004S Kids...

$ 150.00

Chloe Eyeglasses CC 0005O Kids...

$ 124.00

If you are a fashion lover, then you are familiar with the brand name "Chloe." Chloe is one of the most famous fashion brands which is known for its amazing products, such as Clothing and other beauty accessories. Chloe sells its products worldwide. Several outlets of Chloe in Australia are available to get their customers up to date with a variety of products.

The brand "Chloe" was founded in 1952 by Gabi Agion, who was a Parisian of Egyptian origin. In the 1950s, the brand has created fashionable, soft, body-conscious garments made of delicate fabrics, which he called "ready-made luxury clothes". A uniquely styled clothing was available for the customer who is just ready to wear.

In 1956, Gaby Agion and his partner Jacques Lenoir had the original idea to present his first collection during breakfast at Café de Flore, a place frequented by committed existentialists and artists from this period. The name "Chloe", feminine and full of energy, coincides with the new impulse that Paris is experiencing: a young and bold spirit taken from freedom.

This premiere launches a sign to accommodate the reputation and growing demand, Agion and Lenoir decided to create a real team. Discovering young talent becomes a signature, the wealth of this house. In the 1960s, Chloe welcomed a group of young designers who identified the stylish and comfortable-looking model.

In 1965, for about fifteen years after the brand birth, Karl Lagerfeld (the leading creator of the house) took the brand to the new height of popularity. Under his leadership, Chloe became one of the famous brands in the 1970s and defined the appearance of Agil. Women embrace these high-end and colorful costumes, romantic blouses, steam, and long flowing skirts with exclusive prints.

In the 1980s, talented designers, including Martin Sitton, perpetuated the feminine image of the house, a delicate blend of modernity and timeless elegance. The luxury group bought Richemont Chloé in 1985 and allowed the brand to evolve internationally. Stella McCartney arrived at Chloe in 1997. The brand has brought youth, a new lightness to the brand thanks to this exciting and unconventional look of romance, Chloé returns to success.

Since 2001, the new artistic director named as Phoebe Philo has been inspired by the heritage and luxurious knowledge of the house by enriching it with a very personal touch; The "Phoebe" style is naturally spontaneous and sexy made up of delicate materials. He loves embroidery, lace, but it works fashionable.

In early 2006, Phoebe Philo decided to leave chloé's house, which he will now have to rely on the designer team who had already succeeded in meeting this challenge when the designer was absent due to maternity leave.

Price and Availability

Today, the brand has covered almost all the beauty items, including make-up, perfumes, and Clothing; you can buy anything from their official store. If you are wondering how to buy Chloe products here, we have mentioned a few stores from where you can purchase any of the brand products at a reasonable price.

In general, Chloe's price in Australia ranges from 20 to 1000 AUD, depending upon the product you want to buy. But we assure you if you buy from our mentioned stores you will able to save some money.