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CHANTELLE Briefs Item 48219650

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CHANTELLE Bras Item 48256240

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CHANTELLE Briefs Item 48256446

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CHANTELLE Bras Item 48237075

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CHANTELLE Bras Item 48239041

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CHANTELLE Bikini bottoms Item...

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CHANTELLE Coverups Item 472960...

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CHANTELLE Bikini tops Item 472...

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CHANTELLE Bikini bottoms Item...

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CHANTELLE Bikini bottoms Item...

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CHANTELLE Bikini tops Item 482...

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CHANTELLE Bikini tops Item 472...

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CHANTELLE Bikini tops Item 472...

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CHANTELLE Bikini bottoms Item...

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CHANTELLE Bikini bottoms Item...

$ 64.90

CHANTELLE Bikini tops Item 472...

$ 93.46

CHANTELLE Bikini tops Item 472...

$ 90.86

Founded back in 1876, Chantelle is a lingerie brand that belongs to a French lingerie company named Groupe Chantelle which was founded by Francois Auguste Gamichon. Chantelle came into existence with a mission to provide women with the most dazzling shopping experience. By combining their creative and vibrant energy and sturdy technology, Chantelle meets their customers’ needs very well.

They have a collection of Bras, Panties, Shapewear, Beachwear, and Chic Boutique. The company’s Bras are made of high-quality material and are quite comfortable. They have an incredibly diverse range of bras, t-shirt bras, lingerie and light shapewear. Chantelle floats many women and provides a wide variety of styles that fit well on young and mature bust, including those that face a lack of elasticity at the top of the bust.

Style and practicality can easily be balanced. They produce elegant arms that sit well underwear and are very supportive because of their usually deeper side support. The customers often wonder how beautiful the bras look when they are trying them, and their added level of comfort makes them immediately preferred. You can quickly go to a Chantelle bra to help you feel as comfortable as possible every day.

Chantelle Products

There is an extensive range of products for women offered by Chantelle in Australia like Bras, Panties, Lingerie, Shapewear and Beachwear. Chantelle doesn’t only promise comfortable and high-quality products to their customers but maintains the highest degree of customer satisfaction as well. Some of Chantelle’s products are as follow:

The Chantelle Evissa High Brief is in a must-have high fashion and has an incredibly trendy, flattering look. This playful tie feature also evokes the Macramé trend with its pleasures and charms and allows you to adjust the brief height.

The Evissa One Piece Swimsuit by Chantelle is a sophisticated and simply stunning style. With a magnificently low back cut, this incredibly supportive one-piece makes you feel very cool, thanks to the very feminine look and the elegant ruching in the front.

The Evissa Underwire Bikini, a timeless bikini by Chantelle, is designed to provide a stunning round shape and a balanced bust. This basic but fashionable bikini is a must this summer with a trendy tie with beautiful charms.

A seamless Chantelle High Waist Thong is so comfortable and beautiful to wear under any outfit. The sleek, supportive thong is made from a high-performance material built to last and maintain its length. It adapts to every body shape and makes it beautifully perfect.

The Chantelle Shadows Plunge T-Shirt Bra is a stunning and feminine design with delicate neckline finishing and a magnificent blueprint against a subtle skin-tone Colouring. This elegant style has a deep dipping neckline that makes the perfect cleavage and beautiful form.

The Chantelle Pyramide Collection has a stunning Arabesque style lace, which offers an all-round elegant and modern feel. The Half cup bra is a beautiful low cut with a scalloped lace edge over the bust and leotard back to provide a smooth appearance.

The Parisian Allure is an elegant Chantelle style that incorporates tulle and room in a contemporary style. The four sectional cups provide full support for a lightweight design and have highly stylised straps and a gold accent in the middle of a bow at the front.

Matching briefs for Le Marais Collection, a contemporary take on the timeless femininity of Chantelle which combines ultra-lightness and comfort all day long. The classical short letters are made of soft lace and do not have an elastic feel around the legs underneath the clothes.

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