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A brand that is more than just bearing founded in 2004 by Jacob Csizmadia offers the best cycling parts and bearing. CeramicSpeed Australia brings innovation in competitive cycling has proliferated over the years. CeramicSpeed with the best and professional team of individuals has crossed its distributors in more than 50 countries in Asia, America, and Europe.

Brand History

Back in 1998, the founder Jacob Csizmadia broke the world record of inline skating for 24hr, just with the help of using ceramic ball bearings in his skates. Right from there, the idea to bring innovation began, and after two years, Jacob introduced ceramic bearing to the professional cycling.

In professional cycling, for the first time ceramic bearing used in 2001, when the founder of company used them in the Tour de France Cycling championship. After the great achievement, he decided to bring hybrid bearings in Denmark’s city Holstebro. This time, the motive was to target industrial and sports application.

Hybrid Bearing

Developing a quality bearing always going to take time, using top-grade silicon nitride ceramic balls the production almost took a worth waiting of roundabout two months. 58% lighter than ordinary steel bearing offers 50% faster performance because it is developed as a part of NASA’s space program in 1990.

A significant milestone CeramicSpeed achieved to receive FDA certification in 2014 for manufacturing the only bearings with approval for direct contact with food products. For testing the efficiency and quality, CeramicSpeed built the Testing lab where they continue to bring the innovation in the market by improved and reliable products.

CeramicSpeed Superbikes

Every millisecond is vital in superbike racing for which CeramicSpeed Australia offers the gearbox bearing that makes it more smooth and reliable to run allowing the racer to shift the gears faster for better acceleration between zigzagging on the racing track. As compared to ordinary gearbox bearings, ceramic bearing offers an increase in top speed up to 8km/h.

Motocross Madness

More power and durability is required in Motocross racing which is why Ceramic Australia offers the best ball bearings in motocross engines. Adding stiffness with lower rotating weight leads to a faster acceleration to increase the lifetime of an engine bearing.  Four times smoother than ordinary steel ball reduce the friction for better performance and longer life.


The Clutch, a part holding significant impact in Racing, is in a lot of pressure during intense racing. Protection of Clutch is essential for having a smooth ride and acceleration. Having standard clutch bearings won’t work well because it can’t resist particles to penetrate bearing race that causes damage, while on the other hand, using CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearing with a dry clutch offers optimal performance.


A step forward to future, Drivetrain unveils the revolutionary concept-driven to accumulate 99% efficient drivetrain. CeramicSpeed Australia Focuses on two essential specs Shift ability and Rideability for shifting gears and carrying weight. 

An award-winning invention that increases the efficiency up to 98% is one of the top-rated products by CeramicSpeed including Bottom Bracket, UFO Chain, and OSPW system offering the best and fastest drivetrain available in the market.

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The brand cares for you; it keeps your vehicle running smooth, ceramic offers all products, parts, and accessories with 4 -6 years warranty. CeramicSpeed offers the following accessories:

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